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Mar 16, 2020; COVID 2019, Code RED – …and you thought last week was bad

The slow, too small, and too narrow sought-after responses don’t merely reflect being in a fog of information gaps. The speed and aggressivenesses of the lockdowns, and their drastic impact make the broad outlines all too clear. Our supposed leaders are in a fog of denial. They cannot fathom that so much of what they had come to accept as the normal and proper operation of our system will crumble if radical action isn’t taken soon, yet that very radical action will also result in changes they deem inconceivable, or worse, aesthetically unacceptable.

Yves Smith


Not much to do but sit and watch in horror as the layers of the fake-world-view are peeled off to display what actually is going on.

I’m sitting here awaiting the open of the US markets to see if dropping interest rates and pouring a shit ton of money into it will save the worlds financial system. Still not a lot of attention to the Peeps.

Consider this week our “Neo, awakening moment”.

Stay healthy. Strong! Resilient!

Don’t have much choice.

Mar 15, 2020; COVID 2019, Code RED – …Adjustment Reactions

Important insights to everyone who is suddenly aware of COVID-19.
Watch it.
Share it.


I believe that this health/financial crisis is morphing quickly into a Deeper Depression (as in worse than the 1930’s Depression). I don’t believe that we will come through this and be unchanged. Lots to consider, and I’ll post some more on this.

We need to consider long term concepts: income, food, security, community, tons more. This is getting really shitty.

Plan on getting thru the next 2-3 months. By mid May we should be in the peak of infections with the resultant chaos. All the more important to stay healthy during this time. Prepare for an extended duration that could be for years ahead.

The better idea still appears to be to NOT catch it. Keep your immune system strong. Don’t panic, but stay alert. You need to balance your own considerations/plans and understand that you will have to hand-hold not only you, but family and friends.

Its a hard pill to swallow if you just woke up to this. Unfortunately or fortunately those that know are simply better informed/prepared and positioned. Its time everyone knew. Self isolate. Stay-the-Fuck-Home.

Stay strong, resilient and healthy.