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Feb 14, 2020; 2019 nCoV Update, Code Yellow, with a change in tactics: Glimmers of Truth from CDC and WTO

“We don’t know a lot about this virus,” he said. “This virus is probably with us beyond this season, beyond this year, and I think eventually the virus will find a foothold and we will get community-based transmission.”” 

CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield

Is The Coronavirus Now Unstoppable? New Data Suggests So.
Its simply numbers people.
Simple numbers.


What the “Experts” say

First they denied any issue. They kept planes coming. No Worries!

Then they did minor league inspection with a thermometer, all whilst reports came back of asymptomatic spreading of disease. No Worries!

Now we find out 2/3 of the population is at risk and it can’t be contained. No Worries!

Whats the plan?????????? No Worries! We’ve got your back!

When our governments control the narrative, for their own financial self interest (think corporate lobbyists here) over that of the health of their people………

They’ve been doing this for all the long term Giant Turdballs; Climate Chaos, Biosphere collapse, Peak Oil, et. al.

Now using the same playbook they have attempted to pull the same wool over our eyes. Because someone deemed us unable to handle the news? We might panic? Might hurt the financial markets? They now get to reap what they have sown. A pox on their house doesn’t seem fitting.

The worlds leaders have proven themselves untrustworthy and have laid a bed of sorrow for us to all lie down in.

My response, ” Fuck you and the fuckers you hang with! I am supposed to let you guide me??? I cannot say this loud enough, FUCK YOU!

How To

Keystone Cops in Action

Remember that these are the people that we hope can lead us through the dark times. I swear they make it up as they go along. This from the CDC ($11 Billion /yr budget, Best country in the world, Blessed by God, Exceptional.) …..and monkeys fly out of my butt!

Ya’ll ain’t that exceptional. Except how to make money. (at the expense of the entire planet). Only now its looking like it will bite you in the ass.

I slag the Excited States; oh Canada, and Europe is no different. It’s just they don’t preen as much.

Wrap it up….please

I’m pretty tired of trying to talk to people and posting and getting the blase’ look of a cow chewing cud. This has been going on since I first posted about nCoV, Jan 27. A lack of historical perspective, lack of understanding of our uniquely delicate position as an over populating, over consuming mammal on a finite planet and adoration of shiny things, seems to have developed a “No Worries” attitude through out the populace.

We simply do not appear to comprehend the magnitude of this Extra Giant Turball hurtling our way. And when it does we will see humanity at its worse. Reality TV will now be front and centre on our front yards. Scrambling to survive.

Not from the health issue side, but simply because we can’t survive without store bought shit.

We’re on our own here folks. (my dear Three)

Stay Resilient.

Feb 13, 2020; 2019 nCoV Update, Code Yellow, with hints of a break down in the communication control

Administration sources say they believe China is under reporting the number of #coronavirus cases by at least 100,000 in China. Also sources say the administration believes China is “severely” under reporting the number of deaths from the virus. — Edward Lawrence

(@EdwardLawrence) February 13, 2020

Looks like something real is coming out of Beijing. Possibly even the US White house. Every one treading very carefully so as not to upset the financial applecart. Tweeto don Cheato can’t come down too hard on China cause he needs the stock market to stay up. But he’s pretty good at turning a negative into a positive, so lets wait and see.

I’ve put up this great post by Raúl Ilargi Meijer at his site Automatic Earth. Lots of good articles with a well thought out analysis.

China Cedes Virus Control: “Major developments today (overnight for many) with regards to the COVID19 coronavirus. Probably not so much in infections or deaths per se (at least not that we know), but in the way(s) cases are reported. Or, if a spade is called a spade, the way they have been severely underreported so far….” cont reading here.

And here is Dr Chris’s latest.

Great overview of how the nCoV attacks and a simple solution to building up your immunity.

Wrap it up….please

Its going to start getting crazy out there.

Continue to prepare. More than a months food is not likely enough. Start getting your own medicines stocked up (approx 80%+ all prescription drugs come from guess?…China). Talk to your family about a plan. If this hits the rest of the world like China, we are in for a long hard time.

Stay Resilient.