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July 1, 2020 – Its Jenga All Around Us.

“There is a popular game called Jenga in which a tower of rectangular blocks is arranged to form a sturdy tower. The objective of the game is to take turns removing blocks without causing the tower to fall. At first, the task is as easy as the structure is stable. However, as more blocks are removed, the structure weakens. At some point, a key block is pulled, and the tower collapses. Yes, the collapse is a direct cause of the last block being removed, but piece by piece the structure became increasingly unstable. The last block was the catalyst, but the turns played leading up to that point had just as much to do with the collapse. It was bound to happen; the only question was, which block would cause the tower to give way?


“I’m starting to feel like one of those reporters, if not lawyers, who listen to police scanners and chase ambulances for a living. There must have been disaster movies made that depict this kind of pandemic, but I can’t imagine any of them portraying the levels of ignorance and incompetence we’re witnessing in real life here.”

Raul Ilargi Meijer


  1.  9 Things to Buy Every Time You Go to the Store. by The Organic Prepper.


  1.  It Didn’t Have to Be Like This. by Adam Serwer

Climate Crisis (ecocide)

  1.  This Map Shows Which U.S. Homes Will Flood Over the Next 30 Years Due to Climate Change. by Geoff Dembicki
  2. South Pole warming three times faster than rest of Earth: study. by Patrick Galey
  3. Worlds Climate Catastrophe worsens amid Pandemic. by Ishaan Tharoor
  4. As the UK heads into a heatwave Siberia is going off the charts. by The Canary

Wrap it up….please

Can’t really come up with anything of use, basically I’ve got nothin’. Sometimes it just seems hopeless in the face of so much ignorance, stupidity, wishful thinking and greed. On any given day one of these four takes front and centre in my head. Today its a blanket of all of them.

Better get your resilience waders on.

As always, should you find anything that refutes the general idea of a horrific collapse of the civilization we know, that this is all a bad dream, and/or it’s me who is nuts (rather than the entire planets’ population less myself and 4 part-time readers), I’m open to a funner outlook.

Bring it.


Mar 2, 2020; COVID 2019, Code Yellow, It’s time to go into Hyper Drive regarding preparation..

I’ve been mulling around in my head where I think we are going with this COVID-2019. Yes it will: upset our life as we know it, create huge pain and misery, have us questioning everything we thought we knew with certainty and generally question our lives and how we thought it unfold.

Tough heady thoughts indeed.

I’ve basically been mentally preparing for something like this for years. Still time to fight climate change, fight wealth disparity, prepare for peak oil, counter biosphere collapse, educate regarding our poisonous food/air/water. I didn’t see it as a coronavirus event rather a slow unwinding of our lives due to the Giant Turdballs.

The coronavirus simply, is now. Gotta deal with it. Most are not ready. Resilience will be the key. However that may be difficult as everything around you, all stable beacons of rational thought seem to disapear.

Time to grow up, and live. The alternate I find unacceptable.

I’m not sure how this will unravel, where it will hit hardest and who it will affect terminally. But, that’s life. It’s how its always been and we have allowed our modern comforts to shield us from this reality.

I need to stop spending days on end here, but am at the same time compelled to do something….Lead, Follow, or Get out of the Way, so to speak. I’ll let you know where I’m going on this later. For now I leave you with this article. Take 15 minutes of your owe-so-important day and read it. And think about where you see yourself in this new order coming. Kinda frightening but some crystal clear thinking. Which we have avoided for too long.

  • Grab Your Bits and Shoulder Your Kits, We’re Going In! by Alexander Aston. “He describes how once the world has passed through the -narrow- bottleneck of the coronavirus and its effects on our societies, which are long overdue for a redo, and on the central bank-engineered distortions of the markets that are -make that were- supposed to be the foundation that allowed us to flourish, there will be a better world waiting.” And this is one way to look at it. There will be others.

Have at it. Press onward and upward.

Stay safe.

p.s. Earthskillers, You know what I mean.