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Aug 10, 2019

“You have the right to believe what isn’t true, but you don’t get to escape the CONSEQUENCES of believing the things that aren’t true.” ~ Dr. D

I had to take a brief hiatus during month of July. I had posted on or about July 5, but it seems to have disappeared into the ether. In it I posted stories of blue skies and puffy clouds. (honest)

Lots going on at the home front, lots to ruminate on. But a shit ton going on in the world, now have to rummage thru the saved archives.

I’m in no way calmer than I was, in fact the opposite. I’ll quote a good friend, “I am about to exhibit an unseemly display of emotion”. I fight it on every post. Sometimes I win the battle, sometimes I don’t. If you are offended by my outbursts, please ignore and go to the actual links. Or, go here .

I had a conversation with a dear friend who suggested my blog looked like the ramblings of a mad man. (and not the angry kind). Well, if not buying into the collective mindset is “mad”, so be it. And I certainly am pissed off about the often moronic thinking cud chewing of most people.

So to be clear, humans are in a dire predicament. Without a complete reset in the way we inhabit this planet, humanity will not make it to 2100 in any form that resembles civilization now. There are simply too many people, consuming too many resources, polluting far too much. Hence, “the Emerging Mega-trends”(climate chaos, peak oil, financial collapse, food shortages, military blustering). All these stresses are compounded with politics. All appear to be converging on an immediate timescale. ( Not today and certainly not on the dinosaur time scale. Its happening now and the proverbial straw lands in – I’d say 3-5 years ( until the wailing begins). And lots of stupid shit between then and now)

“…the way to ruin is rapid.” Lucius Anneaus Seneca,


An article on Senecas cliff here+

If you only read one article on this page

  1. The Hard Truth. by Chris Martenson

Climate Crisis

  1. More validation of the Gaia concept. by Ugo Bardi

Biosphere (collapse)

  1. More of the same – species extinction. How is this not scaring the crap out of everyone??

Peak Oil/Energy

  1. Exxon-Doing their best to avoid an appearance at the Ecocide courts

Financial (roller coaster)

  1. The financial world is roiling. Everyone has opinions. Here’s mine – Far too much debt worldwide. Far too much money going to the 0.01%. The worlds central banks are scrambling to keep it all working. This will end very, very badly for everyone.


  1. I would think seriously about being a beef farmer.
  2. Chemicals in our food/water/air are BAD.
  3. So, if Bayer is prepared to settle with a paltry 8 billion dollars, doesn’t that appear to be a confession of guilt? or at least a way to buy themselves out of a massive liability? Shouldn’t we be addressing the fact that glyphosate is the number one poison still used in the world?
  4. Farming is under intense pressure.

Society (ills)

  1. How to talk about climate change (I’m still working on this, part of the unseemly display of emotions)

That should be enough for today. Carry on.

June 23, 2019

Winter BBQ out on the lake, Canadian style..
aka methane release

Today’s readings:

Climate Crisis

  1. The Dangerous Methane Mystery. The premise is simple: Warmer climate equals permafrost thaw that releases a shit ton of methane stored under the Arctic ice. And when I say shit ton….
  2. More on UToob. Methane in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (2017)
  3. More on Canadas Perma frost thaw. This is definitely a thing.
  4. More on UToob. W5: What happens when the permafrost thaws?


  1. Feeling the Heat of a Civilization on the Downside.  Infinite growth-bad, continuous financial manipulation by central banks -badder.


Study finds Midwest flooding more frequent | Iowa Now
No shit Sherlock
  1. Do we face a Global Food Disaster? If not now….. Its golf season, and soon enough Halloween, and lets not forget Black Friday, we can worry about this stuff later.

Peak Oil/Energy

  1. Koch-Oil Big Lies and Ecocide Writ Large in Canada Every one in Canada should read this!!! When the Buck-a-Beer Premier Ford and his Alberta co-bumblefucker Keep-on-Trucking Kenney are in cahoots its time to look behind the curtain. We’ve an election coming that could seal our fate. I’m hopeful more than 2 people read this.
  2. Why we should not rely on imported goods from China always interesting energy related analysis from Gail Tverburg.

Society (ills)

  1. America Last-The Real Meaning of Trumps Deplorable Aggression against Iran. Analysis plus a little Mid East history lesson.
  2. Billionaires plan bunkers. So after they “soiled the nest” they hire some mercenaries and hunker down in a land far away???