June 15, 2020 – Onward and Downward

” Demand destruction is exactly as it sounds. It doesn’t come back. That’s what millions of Americans can’t grasp about a patchwork approach to reopening the economy that leaves far too many staying indoors due to a lack of confidence in safety of reopening” https://t.co/mhNz5JooGy pic.twitter.com/BmsrJycYrm

— Danielle DiMartino Booth (@DiMartinoBooth) June 14, 2020

I sit here this lovely morning, watching the critters frolic, enjoying a coffee and wondering yet again at the state of our collective Insanity.

Not wearing masks in public??

We continue our spiral into the hell that is coming cause we all (less 3 or 4) want to believe its not that bad. That the tainted fuckups that are in charge, know, with certainty the way forward.

I’m looking at 5 young pigs and 2 rabbits, that between them, would do a better job of leading forward.

Business as usual, carry on.

The Masks Masquerade by Nassim Taleb

To Celebrate Obama day. By Ben Norton. Just another shit head who managed to buff up his image better than the current shit head who doesn’t care. There is nothing to go back to that wasn’t tainted PR.

How Beijing cultivated Wall Street’s giants. By Clive Hamilton and Mareike Ohlberg. Like pigs to a trough.

To go forward, we need an entirely new paradigm, and that will be very difficult. Tech WILL NOT SAVE US, wishfully romanitising a past falsehood will not save us, worshipping at the neoliberal capitalist alter of ass fucking will not save us. Rolling up our sleeves and getting to it might.

Who’s with me?!?!?!?


June 12, 2020 – An Empire crumbles, the world waits…

Many time I question the US centrism of this site. But it seems like all the GTB’s would shrink a bit if the world leader (financial and military) actually lead.

Not to be I’m afraid. Up here in Oh Canada, we may smugly sneer at things American, but the simple answer is we are too tied economically ( part of the Master plan) to detach ourselves from the achingly bad, as is Europe and Asia and India and…

We bought into the good money train and chose to turn away from the shitballs. So in varying degrees we are watching us disinitigrate. Poverty, disparity of wealth, military incursions, environment, neo liberalism’s greedy hand, all part of that good old American culture. We supported it and now we are all in effect, American.

And we are all going to feel their anguish as they struggle thru these writhing times.

Seems to me a good time to reflect on the world we would like to be in, and how we will get there.

And most important, the world we are handing over to the next generations.

It ain’t going to be pretty.

Caitlin Johnston. We Are Watching The Story Of America Crash Headlong Into The Reality Of America.