June 19, 2020 – What it’s all about.


Chris Hedges: Gaslighted by the Ruling Class

Caitlin  Johnston: On Maintaining Perspective In The Year 20 Fucking 20

Yves Smith: 8 Reasons Why Covid-19 Damage to the Economy Will Be Deep and Lasting

Stephen Matthews & Ben Spencer: Terrifying chart shows how Covid-19 patients who end up in hospital may be almost certain to die if they have a vitamin D deficiency

What if it really is “The Matrix”?

What if pretty near everything you felt was a real thing, was not so much a computer simulation, but a grande PR exercise for control of your productive self? Or can I say simply, brain washed?

Cause it’s way easier to follow along. And dammit I deserve my stuff I’ve got coming (you pick: vacation, a new 90″ LED with full stereo, a dinner party to go to, a bar to go to, a new car/truck/boat/atv/bike, a new super subscription to Pornhub, whatev, )

In which you are not so much batteries to keep the computers going, but one of million pieces of meat convinced to create/consume goods, all controlled by a small group of rich fuckers.

And that narrative you and I call democracy, freedom, free will, isn’t worth the toilet paper you used this morn. You think we have a democracy? If it was for the majority of us, wouldn’t it reflect our most basic beliefs, family, security, a safe and hospitable world? Instead of an oligarchy lead, semi- dictatorship where we are told yeah, yeah, We’ll give you that, We promise, We will even double dog dare promise, ………just can’t swing it right now. And them brown skinned folks over there…. We need their stuff and they are bad fuckers anyway. But We sincerely promise that as things turn better you’ll get your cake and eat it. Just continue to pay your taxes to us and buy like mad and we’ll make it right… Cause We want the things you do. Cause We’re like you.

I don’t see a bunch of poor folk leading us. Do you?

June 16, 2020 – The tide goes out, before the tsunami hits

and all other corporate ne’er-do-wells.
Do you recognise your gooberment?

It seems like the world is collectively watching society unravel under the guise of “working” towards normal.

Do you remember watching the videos, just prior to the first wave hitting the beaches of Thailand?

The collective bewilderment and curiosity of the tourists who watched in amazement, as the water receded beyond the low tide norm?

Only to be followed by abject panic and terror as they saw the wave on the horizon, knowing they were in a shitstorm of epic magnitude??

I suggest that you watch the horizon.

Disorders Now and To Come. by Jim Kunstler.

The Virus Will Win. by Yascha Mounk

Some Thoughts on New York City and the Dim Prospects for American Cities. by Yves Smith

When It Comes to Sustainability, We’re a Society of Distracted Drivers by Richard Heinberg.