Mar 13, 2020; COVID 2019, Code RED – …Its going to get far worse.

It’s going to be within the next week or two — probably even more like a week,”

Dr. Anthony Fauci,
In attempting to deflect concern regarding test kits

“This is what you can conclude:

Excluding these, countries that are prepared will see a fatality rate of ~0.5% (South Korea) to 0.9% (rest of China).

Countries that are overwhelmed will have a fatality rate between ~3%-5%

Put in another way: Countries that act fast can reduce the number of deaths by a factor of ten. And that’s just counting the fatality rate. Acting fast also drastically reduces the cases, making this even more of a no-brainer.”

Tomas Pueyo.
I think I started screaming about this at the beginning of Feb. Who knew?!?!

“While there is “some truth” to the statement “that no one” could have seen the fallout of the “coronavirus” being escalated by an “oil price” war, there has been mounting risks for quite some time from valuations, to price deviations, and a complete disregard of risk by investors. While we have been discussing these issues with you, and making you aware of the risks, it was often deemed as “just being bearish” in the midst of a “bullish rally.” However, it is managing these types of risks, which is ultimately what clients pay advisors for.

It isn’t a perfect science. In times like these, it gets downright messy. But this is where working to preserve capital and limit drawdowns becomes most important.”

Lance Roberts of
See article below
or more importantly……
Did your advisor tell you to act with prudence or stay the course? or wait for opportunities? or whatever the heck their higherups have instructed them to say.
Remember, it’s all about THEIR money

The worlds central banks and countries are unloading everything they have to forestall an economic meltdown. Ready to pour untold billions in this gasoline fire that has become our economic world. All while the vultures are looking for buying opportunities.

They are attempting to prop up that rickety chair they created by pouring money into it since 2009. It may work. Likely won’t. Then what?

The world watches the US begin to grapple with this under the watchful leadership of Le Grande Orangutan and tribe. Lets face it, if the US crumbles all bets are off worldwide. And its on the edge of crumbling. Wait until their goobermunt tries to begin to forcibly contain quarantine cases, stem the panic of shortages, explain their lack of anything meaningful.

It’s yet to be determined if China is out of the woods. Forcing their people back to work may have merely passed around the coronavirus to more people ready for their next phase of infection. We don’t know if China can pull it out yet. Their industries are floundering at best, to supply stuff to the the rest of the world, who are going thru extreme duress attempting their own population saving methods.

Anticipate major US outbreaks in next 7 days (and oh Canada), more so when test kits are actually available. The US work force will be in the same boat as the rest of the world.

The three economic engines of the world will be in some form of shutdown for the next 2-3 months; China, Europe and the US.

I say as gently as possible, how is pouring printed cash going to prop up the worlds industries whilst its peoples are under extreme duress, not working, not buying stuff. We have built a consumer world with lifestyles to match. Financial bailouts to the Rotten who played along with this gigantic Ponzie scheme won’t have dealt with health issues, debt issues or other GTB. Remember Climate Crisis????

We need to prepare for a complete breakdown of the systems we have grown accustomed to. Government support, supply chains, availability of food, supplies, equipment. Depending on where you are in the world, things will vary.

We have a massive Depression coming and we are seriously underprepared.

No worries, nothing to see here, move along.

Do your best not to catch the coronavirus!

Self Care

I usually ain’t that bright, but it seems to me that all countries follow a similar pattern and have since COVIS-19 got out of China. To expect otherwise is … hmmm … just silly.

And we’ve known this for at least 4 weeks. Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Wrap it Up….Please

Grab hold, hang on and prepare for a brutal ride.

Stay strong, safe and suck up your inner GRIT.

Mar 12, 2020; COVID 2019, Code RED – …Its time to take your own path.

…..But this time it is different. 

We naturally assume our Governments know what they are doing, and our financial leadership is fully informed. They are advised by the brightest, smartest and most informed scientists, technocrats, economists and industrial leaders. They will have analysed the way in which the virus is spreading, understood the transmission rate, the likelihood of mass infection, plotted where health resources are likely to be most efficiently targeted, figured out the areas of likely economic weakness, examined the policy options and concluded the right way to address crisis with well-timed fiscal policies, supported by accommodation across the market. 


It’s as clear as a bell that Trump had no plan to address the Coronavirus before he was finally forced to say something Monday. Until then it was a “fake-news” distraction. He made a political gamble: that the virus would recede before it became a crisis, making him look smart and a market genius for calling it.

Bill Blain, The morning Porridge blog
see article below
This from Ars Technica article below

Self Care

  • Don’t Panic: The comprehensive Ars Technica guide to the coronavirus [Updated 3/11]. Bookmark this one
  • Social distancing, lockdown and quarantine and policy responses . by Edward Harrison.
  • Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now. by Tomas Pueyo. There is one very simple thing that we can do and that works: social distancing. The coronavirus is coming to you;
    • It’s coming at an exponential speed: gradually, and then suddenly.
    • It’s a matter of days. Maybe a week or two.
    • When it does, your healthcare system will be overwhelmed.
    • Your fellow citizens will be treated in the hallways.
    • Exhausted healthcare workers will break down. Some will die.
    • They will have to decide which patient gets the oxygen and which one dies.
    • The only way to prevent this is social distancing today. Not tomorrow. Today.
    • That means keeping as many people home as possible, starting now.
    • As a politician, community leader or business leader, you have the power and the responsibility to prevent this.

At this point it looks like, the way things play out everywhere, health care systems quickly become completely overwhelmed, and people are left to fend for themselves. What if politicians just said this – we bungled it and our health care, as it has been designed, does not have the capacity to deal with this – can’t redesign the system now, too late for that, you are on your own? No politician would ever be this honest, so we will go thru the charade of pretending to be able to help everyone, full speed ahead towards the brick wall, and turn away when the wheels fall off. In Canada our federal government just announced a whole billion dollars to help with health care costs!!!!!


The biggest question, everyone agrees, is how long the downturn in demand will be. If it is brief, will people start spending again after a month or two, making up for lost spending by using what they have saved while in isolation? “If not, we are talking about going back to the Middle Ages: no company will survive.

Stefano Visalli, founder of Oxy Capital,

All the ‘solutions’ we are seeing from the powers that be are reminiscent of the great financial crisis. Bailing out the zombies while structural issues surrounding allocation of resources remain — liquidity does not control the spread of this virus. Where are the hospital beds, ICUs, doctors, medical equipment and vaccine R&D?

Sue Trinh, global macro strategist
at Manulife Investment Management in Hong Kong

Wrap it Up….Please

Its time to implement your own self isolation. Particularly if you are in the danger zone over 60 years of age.

This will protect you and your neighbours.

We are at the point where we have to ride out the shit storm coming and be ready to scrape together whatever is left. At the moment we have no idea what this looks like.

If you can, consider longer term plans. We have no idea what we will face in the coming months/years but with every gooberment fixated on solving the economic disaster, we should not hold out much hope for their attention when we need it.

The “stock” market economy is teetering wildly, international companies are beginning to see the shortage of parts/pieces and general stuff that won’t be increasing anytime soon. This is beyond the scope of the children in charge. (they built it, and built upon it, for 35 + yrs, while we watched).

Grab hold, hang on and prepare for a brutal ride.

Stay strong, safe and suck up your inner GRIT.

Mar 11, 2020; COVID 2019, Code Yellow morphing into Red- ..Lies and the Lying Liars.

So last year 37,000 Americans died from the common Flu. It averages between 27,000 and 70,000 per year. Nothing is shut down, life & the economy go on. At this moment there are 546 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus, with 22 deaths. Think about that!

Drumplstiltskin via TwaAter

Am I the only one feeling trapped in a really bad B-grade Sci-Fi movie? With elements of some Austin Powers thrown in? Complete with supporting cast of Keystoners (smoking of course).

The most powerful nation in the world is about to go down in a blithering heap of …. nothing. Fade away into the horizon as bickering amongst them that are in charge continues. Blame gets thrown around. And the virus spreads. And more people get sick. And we here on the edge in oh Canada do what exactly? The good words are being shoveled our way more forcefully.

I think this is an issue where both sides of the borders govt’s (small g now) are praying that a early warmer spring will solve everything. Note to readers. It Won’t.

The US is beyond virus containment in some areas.

CDC Director Robert Redfield
during House testimony Mar 10, 2020

Why? Could it have been the budget cuts? Brought on by massive tax breaks? For 35 yrs? Destruction of oversight organizations? Too much golf? twaating? self glorification?

Lead by those so thoroughly unsuited for leadership that every word from their mouths will be another nail in their coffins (someday, maybe). Don’t they realize how exposed they are to their own bullshit, thrown around with such vigor that there is a coating upon every head still standing.

What happened in Wuhan could happen here. Why do we think otherwise?

We need to tell people right now to stop all nonessential travel.

We’ve got to brace for a three-month problem

Dr. Marty Makary, Johns Hopkins University

How do they see this one ending? Its not just going to go away with the next fabricated news loop. A government who lies repeatedly, doing whatever they want, is dangerous to all of us. And this will be the poster example.

On another note somewhat related. If you’ve been following Julian Assange, you’d know just how bad this lying is for us. BTW give some support to Assange by writing to him. His extradition will be the end of what is left of journalism. If you have no idea who he is or why you should do this, may I suggest you take your head out of your ass?

All Clear, Nothing to See Here, Move Along.

This chart shows that the trajectory of the virus in each country is eerily similar.
To expect otherwise in North America is simply foolish at this point.

Self Care

Wrap it Up….Please

Stay Resilient!

Mar 10, 2020; COVID 2019, Code Yellow morphing into Red- ..Hard to see this end in a happy place.

It’s not about the number or percentage of deaths and cases, it’s about the capacity of the system, and the speed with which countries react.

Raul Ilargi Meijer

Sometime in the next 7-10 days we should have rapidly expanding cases here in complacent North America. Do you honestly believe we will come out unscathed?

It looked to me yesterday that the GDP (generally dumb people), might have had a wake-up call. DOW down 7.8 % after the previous 2 weeks slide. Well I think the bankers woke up too. Now its going to be pour the coal ($$$) on folks! Reduce interest rates. We are going to print money to boost the failing economy. Which may or may not work. Which doesn’t address containing the virus or it’s impact to the health care system. (or health ignorance system)

Soon they’ll even start looking at the people. Who will be suffering mightily. I think those people will be pissed off when they see how poorly their governments have managed.

Just a guess.

Self Care


Financial Chaos

Here’s the “other” side of Dr. Chris in discussion with John Rubino going over the financial implications for the virus. I think that it is unwise to think that a massive injection of borrowed cash will overcome the crushing results of the health and distrust issues coming.


Most concerning is the lack of any real testing capabilities here in oh Canada and down in the Excited States. Its difficult to decide on an effective response when you don’t have accurate information. Period.

oH Canada isn’t showing on the radar of effective testing, because our numbers aren’t that scary yet. But we also have managed to hide behind happy words and limited testing so far. Would be interesting to get some notes from front liners on this.

A quick search of CBC’s site shows this as the most current update.

  • B.C. ramps up coronavirus response, activates provincial pandemic co-ordination plan. Promises on Mar 6 to have 4 labs up and running “next week”. Nada on the rest of the country.
  • From Health Canada’s site. The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has assessed the public health risk associated with COVID-19 as low for Canada. Public health risk is continually reassessed as new information becomes available. The risk to Canadian travellers abroad is generally low but will vary depending on the destination. The Public Health Agency of Canada is closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 in other countries. Please consult the destination page on for the latest travel advice. It is important for all travellers to monitor their health when they return to Canada. While abroad, you may have come in contact with the novel coronavirus. PHAC asks that you monitor your health for fever, cough and difficulty breathing for 14 days after you arrive in Canada. If you have these symptoms, call the public health authority in the province or territory you are in to inform them. They will provide advice on what you should do. The research and data on COVID-19 continues to grow and evolve. We will continue to adapt our advice for travellers based on the latest science available. I submit this is lame, because as said before… if you aren’t testing how do you know?

Wrap it Up….Please

Here we sit. What we are really dealing with is an attempt by our Gov’ts to contain this as an economic event, when it’s actually a health event – then an economic event. The financial side is a result of a house of cards getting weaker and weaker (one of the Giant Turdballs), pumped up with fake money. Sooner or later it will collapse. This may be the event that does it, it may not.

In the meantime the smoke signals coming from our leaders are just that…smoke.

Hang in there, prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

Stay Resilient!

ps. To you snow birds contemplating a trip south. Did you factor in 4 weeks of quarantine? Riiight, you’re not reading anything bad.

Mar 4, 2020; COVID 2019, Code Yellow morphing into Red- ..

Does anybody really want any of these assholes in charge!?
If the economy is so strong, why the fixation on pumping it up?
Likely better to prevent, than repair a not yet broken system.


To understand great disparities in disease outcomes between CIVID-19 patients, we explore infection and host responses in kinetics. From existing data, we deduced a model that the lungs are damaged by rapidly rising flow resistance as a result of retaining white blood cells in lung tissues. The retention of white blood cells is initially triggered viral infection but aggravated by injuries caused by low temperature. Lungs are initially damaged by fluid leakage, rapidly followed by extruding blood into alveolar spaces. The step of blood extruding is predicted to take place in a very short time. Our simulations show that as little as 0.1% retention of white blood cells in the lungs can lead to their failure in 5 to 10 days. The small degrees of imbalance implies that this imbalance could be corrected by a large number of factors that are known to reduce flow resistance. The model implies that the top priority is maintaining blood micro-circulation and preserving organ functions in the entire disease course, especially after the virus has spread the whole lungs. From exploring a large number of hypothetical infection modes, we propose preventive, mitigating and treatment strategies for ultimately ending the pandemic. The first strategy is avoiding exposures that could result in widespread damages to lungs and taking post exposure mitigating measures that would reduce disease severity. The second strategy is reducing death rate and disability rate from the current levels to one tenth for infected patients by using multiple factors health optimization method. The double reduction strategies are expected to generate a series of chain reactions that favor mitigating or ending the pandemic. Some reactions include a big reduction of the amount of viral discharges from infected patients into the air, the avoidance of panic, chronic stress and emotional distress, and cross-infections which are expected in quarantines. The double reductions would have a final effect of ending the pandemic.

  • below are excerpts from the paper. Read it. If this gets as bad as China, hospitals will be packed and unable to treat.

B. Strategies for Mitigating Infection and Lung Damages

…we found many intervening points for altering disease outcomes…

1. …exposure to the virus is just a start point, but not a gameover point. Many potential methods could be used to reduce the number of viral entries. Even through the whole lungs are expected to be infected by the virus,intervening measures can delay viral entries and reproduction and thus reduce damages to the lungs…

2. Post exposure remedial measures include simple things like cleaning nose and irrigating the mouth and nose to remove as many trapped viral particles as possible to reduce further viral entries.

3. Effort should be made to stop sequential exposure to external viruses. Before any virus is released to the bloodstream, the body is still vulnerable to continuous infections in the lungs. This measure is much powerful than using antiviral and antibiotic to control independent and cross-infections.

4. Adjust body conditions in the latent periods… The following should be considered:

(1) Temperature is the most important factor. It is absolutely the first priority to avoid exposure to low temperature. It affects blood vessel stricture, blood viscosity, blood vessel pore size, etc. Keeping warm is the most important measure in the fight against cold, influenza and any lung infections and is important before exposure to the virus, in the latent time, during treatment, and during recovery.

(2) Low humidity facilitates removal of water layer on the alveolar walls and promotes oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange and thus improve the lungs’ function to maintain waste removal balance and mitigate the congestion of white blood cells in lung tissues.

(3) Increase water intake to reduce blood viscosity. A large number of other factors can be used to reduce blood viscosity. Certain foods such as garlic and a large number of herbs can be used to reduce platelet aggregation or improve blood circulation. Right level of salts can reduce blood viscosity by influencing ironic strength. Intake of more water with moderate salts can increase the ability to disperse viral-generated wastes, cell debris and metabolic by-products into the circulating blood.

(4) Increase mechanical vibrations of the lungs. Sound-uttering, an ancient healing art, can help lungs relax, thus facilitating the passing of white blood cells through the capillaries network. It is best used in early phrase, after the reinfection phase, and during the recovery phase. However, sound uttering in the reinfection time windows may facilitate viral spreading. One best bet is avoiding uttering violent and explosive sounds in the reinfection time window. We have shown that deep breathing exercises is the most powerful method for fight against lung infection. It has been used in China, India, Japan, Korean, etc. as the primary healing art for thousands of years. This exercise can be used in a bulk of times to counter the virus-caused white blood cell retention.

(5). Use right dietary, environmental, and lifestyle factors to mitigate infection severity and lung damages. Vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants, selenium, etc. protect lung cells from the injuries of free radicals [64-74]. Lifestyle and body condition also affects human vulnerability to viral infection [75-85]. Chronic stress affects immune responses [86, 87]. A large number of factors can be used correctly to alter disease outcomes if they are combined.

C. Strategies For Reducing Lung Damages and Risk of Death

The infection modes and damage models imply two different strategies in different stage of disease. In the early phase or before the virus has spread to the whole lungs and the patient’s vital organs have ample redundant functional capacities, the measure is inhibiting, slowing down viral reproduction, viral spread and viral reinfections. This should be done as soon as possible. After the
whole lungs have been infected, anti-viral drugs in late stages should be avoided after the vital organ capacities have declined to disability levels. Instead, a sound strategy is taking measures to reduce tissue inflammation, reduce flow resistance, keep waste removal balance and strengthen vital organs in the entire treatment period.

1. Use all safe and non-conflicting factors in favor of inhibiting viral reproduction, promoting innate immunity, boosting immune response, and improving the lung blood circulation as discussed in Sections A and B above.

2. Mitigate or slow down re-infections by patient-self-originated viruses. What is critically important is slowing down viruses spread to the whole lungs. Good emotion, good air ventilation, warn body temperature, low air humidity, and good life manners can slow down the reinfection process. Slower reinfection speeds have an effect of extending the total time for the viruses to spread to the whole lungs. Sequentially sporadic reinfections have less burden on the whole lungs than synchronized large-scale infections. Longer delays in successive infection timings result in reduced viral burden and reduced level of inflammation, thus reducing lung damages and risk of death. If the reinfection time is extended from several hours to a few days, it could make a difference to final outcome.

3. After at least some infected cells have discharged cell contents, couching and sneezing generate high-concentration viral sources for selfreinfection. In the early phrase or small time window, patients should avoid coughing, sneezing, and violent throat clearing activities as much as possible or taking any valid measures to inactivate viruses that are inhaled back. Such attempts can slow down viral spread speed. After the whole lungs have been infected, coughing can generate force to improve micro-circulation to facilitate white blood cells to pass through.

8. Drugs may help slow down viral reproduction, maintain blood circulation, strength heart functions, etc. Patients should be advised that drug side effects can temporarily diminish the usable organ capacities of lungs, heart, liver and kidneys. When the lungs are under severe distress, even a moderate thrust by drug side effects can instantly cause death. Patients should appraise
drug side effects wisely and should consider using factors with little risks.

9. Some medical treatments developed by population medicine should be reexamined in the context of those models.

(1) Antiviral drugs are effective only in the early stage when the functions of major organs are strong. When treatment is started within two days of becoming sick with flu symptoms, antiviral drugs can lessen fever and flu symptoms, and shorten the time of being sick by about one day. After the viruses have spread to the whole lungs, virus reproduction is limited by biological
resources and immune responses. When patient’s lung functions has approached disability level, such a drug may only burden the lungs by its side effects…

(2) We also question the measure of using drugs to lower body temperature… Thus, raising set-point of temperature has an expected benefits of improving blood micro-circulation and facilitates immune cells transport balance. Lowering the body temperature may be justified only in situations that excessive high temperature could damage the brain. However, a better strategy is maintaining the lungs at a higher temperature but lowering the head’s temperature by using a cooling bath.

(3) Using oxygen intake must be reasonable. While supply oxygen can improve lung function, it can cause widespread damages to lung cells and make inflammation even severe. The strategy is avoiding getting to that point and then using oxygen to cause widespread damages to lung cells.

(4) Medicine should explore drugs that can dilate blood vessels starting as soon as possible. However, side effects are always concern. If the blood circulation can be maintained, use of steroids should be avoided because steroids have caused severe damages to bones.

10. To maintain vital organ functions, herbs may be formulated to improve holistic health. Herbal formulations may include herbs that fight against the virus and inflammation, promote waste removal, and strengthen all major vital organs. The focus is improving blood micro-circulation in lungs. Synthetic drugs may be used to dilate blood vessels, but this should be used in the early stage. When the whole lungs have been consolidated, there is no room for the blood vessels to expand.

  • I’d like some discussion on this with my Research Team.

Its time to consider the colour Code re the coronavirus (or whatever the hell it is). Code Yellow is alert/prepare. Code Red is hunker down in self quarantine/isolation, avoid contact with humanoids. Depending on where you are in the world, we start approaching code Red when the first case of virus shows up in your area, then it becomes RED, when the first death occurs.

In a world of GDP’s (Generally Dumb People) this will become difficult as you explain to friends and family you will not be attending gatherings. What to do about school?, work?, seniors homes, factories, etc.

Those that don’t get the seriousness will try all sorts of behaviors to convert your thinking. This is where the Pandemic panic starts to seriously take hold. Tough thinking even though you may have prepared, but over the top losing of the mind for those that don’t take it seriously. Logic says self isolate. What to do about those you care about?, warned? and then took no or inadequate steps.

I’m struggling with all the ramifications of this.

Stay strong!

Mar 3, 2020; COVID 2019, Code Yellow morphing into Red- You can’t help those that won’t help themselves..

Watching the Pandemic unravel I am reminded of a story an old friend, Dr. John, used to tell me;

A regular church goer, in the midst of an impending flood, was approached by a neighbour asking him if he would like help getting to higher ground. He replied, “I am awaiting a sign from the Lord”.

A few hours later with the flood waters rising to his front porch, “Local officials show up in a boat offering to take him to a place of safety. His reply, “I am awaiting a sign from the Lord”.

Several hours later, he’s perched on his roof. A helicopter flies up to him and through a loudspeaker says, “Sir we can fly you to safety.” He waved them away and yelled back, “I am awaiting a sign from the Lord”.

The floods rise, drowning the old guy.

He approaches the the pearly gates and cries, “But Lord, I was awaiting the sign!

To which the reply comes booming down, “I sent your neighbour, I sent your local officals, I sent a helicopter.”

You just can’t help those that won’t help themselves.

If you think that the US is ready…….

  • A Modern Jubilee as a cure to the financial ills of the Coronavirus by Steve Keen. “Extraordinary measures are needed now to stop the health effects of the Coronavirus triggering a financial crisis that could in turn make the Coronavirus worse. All of these actions can be undertaken by Central Banks and financial regulators, once they have been given permission by governments.” We will require a reset in thinking to get through what’s coming. Business as usual will not work.

It will be easier to maintain some sanity with some preparation. Can’t speak about the rest of the GDP ( Generally Dumb People).

Keep on pressing on.

Mar 2, 2020; COVID 2019, Code Yellow, It’s time to go into Hyper Drive regarding preparation..

I’ve been mulling around in my head where I think we are going with this COVID-2019. Yes it will: upset our life as we know it, create huge pain and misery, have us questioning everything we thought we knew with certainty and generally question our lives and how we thought it unfold.

Tough heady thoughts indeed.

I’ve basically been mentally preparing for something like this for years. Still time to fight climate change, fight wealth disparity, prepare for peak oil, counter biosphere collapse, educate regarding our poisonous food/air/water. I didn’t see it as a coronavirus event rather a slow unwinding of our lives due to the Giant Turdballs.

The coronavirus simply, is now. Gotta deal with it. Most are not ready. Resilience will be the key. However that may be difficult as everything around you, all stable beacons of rational thought seem to disapear.

Time to grow up, and live. The alternate I find unacceptable.

I’m not sure how this will unravel, where it will hit hardest and who it will affect terminally. But, that’s life. It’s how its always been and we have allowed our modern comforts to shield us from this reality.

I need to stop spending days on end here, but am at the same time compelled to do something….Lead, Follow, or Get out of the Way, so to speak. I’ll let you know where I’m going on this later. For now I leave you with this article. Take 15 minutes of your owe-so-important day and read it. And think about where you see yourself in this new order coming. Kinda frightening but some crystal clear thinking. Which we have avoided for too long.

  • Grab Your Bits and Shoulder Your Kits, We’re Going In! by Alexander Aston. “He describes how once the world has passed through the -narrow- bottleneck of the coronavirus and its effects on our societies, which are long overdue for a redo, and on the central bank-engineered distortions of the markets that are -make that were- supposed to be the foundation that allowed us to flourish, there will be a better world waiting.” And this is one way to look at it. There will be others.

Have at it. Press onward and upward.

Stay safe.

p.s. Earthskillers, You know what I mean.