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Feb 18, 2020; 2019 nCoV Update, Code Yellow, Does anybody know anything ?

WHO director ShitHead. Do you think that the WHOs response has any corelation with the money given to them by the Chinese Gov`t?

But the complacent are not just falling for false claims being passed off as “facts” rather than what they really are–magical thinking–they’re making a much larger error known as Survivorship Bias.” 

~ Charles Hugh Smith

I’ve spent the past few days internalizing the CoronaVirus pandemic, recognising that I was deviating from the intent of this blog, that being to review and discuss “Details of the Emerging Mega Trends Affecting Civilization… and our Inept Response.”

This 2019 nCoV pandemic pretty much encapsulates “our inept response”. I’ve been grappling with the response part. I don’t see the need to micro-analyze each and every article and thought fart from every pundit, news organization and government speaking head. (and recognize I was doing just that).

Well in my defense, I’ll just summarize with, “Yes my hair burst into flames and I saw this as a huge event (disaster). I needed to warn everybody I cared about and the few who would stray across this, my personal scream chamber.”

I’ve talked to a number of people about this (a quick apology to all checkout cashiers, gas station attendants and misc people accosted on the street) and the result is pretty much the same as if I had said ‘What are your thoughts about this corona virus, climate emergency, biosphere collapse, peak oil, blah blah?”

Its more than the cud chewing look of a vapid barn animal, its complete and total “other interpretation”, based upon whatever ideology they believe in: capitalism is good, political affiliation, Chinese are bad, politicians aren’t to be trusted, more people die every year from the flu, I’ve got my shit wired, etc.

So how the hell did we create a population this disconnected from reality? Most importantly why do I, snow bank straddler extraordinaire, see it so clearly? Trust me I ain’t that extraordinaire.

I think its because American culture/poison has infiltrated the world. That culture is being used as defense by other powers themselves. Mimic what you can’t defeat. All industrialized countries do it, just not so flagrantly. (but would if they could). It’s how you keep up or even get ahead.

That culture is specifically about profit at all costs. Since WW2 the US has had free hand to; cajole, bully, intimidate, lie, invade, assassinate leaders, destroy countries and generally take what they want from anywhere in the world they wish, under the guise of “protecting American interest”. And all this under the umbrella of the worlds largest PR campaign and behind the scenes arm twisting. So much so that their own people haven’t a clue about it.

Its been going on through enough generations that its become normalized for the majority of people worldwide.

That US culture has: perpetuated climate denial, continued baseless wars throughout the world, severely damaged the planet we live on, created a disparity of wealth unprecedented, destroyed our healthy food making ability, generally created a world of hate, separation and disconnect.

All to make more money.

COVID-19 Reality

The PR (deceit, lies, strategic bullying, outright fear mongering campaign) to end the world.

Here is a wide ranging overview of the bullshit. Basically every institution that we were supposed to have faith in, that is sposed to have our interests at heart, has its own agenda, and mostly its not you or I. Here are some posts I bookmarked recently. Only thing in common, they all lie.

Citizens United

This was a watershed moment in US politics. The game got ugly here. “On Jan. 21, 2010, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the longstanding prohibition on independent expenditures by corporations violated the First Amendment. With its decision, the court allowed corporations, including nonprofits, and labor unions to spend unlimited sums to support or oppose political candidates. The majority made the case that political spending from independent actors, even from powerful corporations, was not a corrupting influence on those in office.

How can any reasonable person think that allowing psychopathic megalomaniacs to use their money to influence politics will end well? Do you honestly think that a fella with a few billion understands/cares about you or me? click here for a list of the highest political US donors. How is it possible a casino magnate (Sheldon Adelson) can donate $137.7 million??? Do you think he had any influence on the US/Israel debacle? That’s likely more than the entire Palestinians GDP.

Oh yeah, its going OK if you’re one of them (.01%). Us poor bunyaks, we are left with choices that amount to sewage sludge; choose between the grey steamy pile or the brown steamy pile. All parties cater to those that pay.

Revolving Door of Politics

This little sleight of hand allows a government official leaving office to go work for the company whose agenda he/she pushed. Dig into Monsanto for more on this. In Canada it allows the likes of Stevo Harper and Brian (take some cash) Mulroney to sit on Boards and continue their influence. In the US it allows senior Monsanto or Goldman Sachs officials to hold public office, change the rules in their companies favour and go back to those same companies.

Eazy Peazy

..and Now China is doing it.

Wrap it up….please

“If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.” 

~ John F. Kennedy

So here we sit. Trying to glean something from the barrage of factoids dumped on us regarding 2019 nCoV. All while them that’s in power manipulate the narrative to serve their purpose, which, sadly is not our purpose.

When what we should be doing is lifting our heads a little higher and staring the problem right in the face.

Just simply follow the dollar signs and you can see why we will never solve any Giant Turdball until we address the Cause; Its Corporate Corruption plain and simple.

And the only way to get rid of it to destroy it. And that’s hard.

“Responsibility I believe accrues through privilege. People like you and me have an unbelievable amount of privilege and therefore we have a huge amount of responsibility. We live in free societies where we are not afraid of the police; we have extraordinary wealth available to us by global standards. If you have those things, then you have the kind of responsibility that a person does not have if he or she is slaving seventy hours a week to put food on the table; a responsibility at the very least to inform yourself about power. Beyond that, it is a question of whether you believe in moral certainties or not.” 

~ Noam Chomsky

Feb 14, 2020; 2019 nCoV Update, Code Yellow, with a change in tactics: Glimmers of Truth from CDC and WTO

“We don’t know a lot about this virus,” he said. “This virus is probably with us beyond this season, beyond this year, and I think eventually the virus will find a foothold and we will get community-based transmission.”” 

CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield

Is The Coronavirus Now Unstoppable? New Data Suggests So.
Its simply numbers people.
Simple numbers.


What the “Experts” say

First they denied any issue. They kept planes coming. No Worries!

Then they did minor league inspection with a thermometer, all whilst reports came back of asymptomatic spreading of disease. No Worries!

Now we find out 2/3 of the population is at risk and it can’t be contained. No Worries!

Whats the plan?????????? No Worries! We’ve got your back!

When our governments control the narrative, for their own financial self interest (think corporate lobbyists here) over that of the health of their people………

They’ve been doing this for all the long term Giant Turdballs; Climate Chaos, Biosphere collapse, Peak Oil, et. al.

Now using the same playbook they have attempted to pull the same wool over our eyes. Because someone deemed us unable to handle the news? We might panic? Might hurt the financial markets? They now get to reap what they have sown. A pox on their house doesn’t seem fitting.

The worlds leaders have proven themselves untrustworthy and have laid a bed of sorrow for us to all lie down in.

My response, ” Fuck you and the fuckers you hang with! I am supposed to let you guide me??? I cannot say this loud enough, FUCK YOU!

How To

Keystone Cops in Action

Remember that these are the people that we hope can lead us through the dark times. I swear they make it up as they go along. This from the CDC ($11 Billion /yr budget, Best country in the world, Blessed by God, Exceptional.) …..and monkeys fly out of my butt!

Ya’ll ain’t that exceptional. Except how to make money. (at the expense of the entire planet). Only now its looking like it will bite you in the ass.

I slag the Excited States; oh Canada, and Europe is no different. It’s just they don’t preen as much.

Wrap it up….please

I’m pretty tired of trying to talk to people and posting and getting the blase’ look of a cow chewing cud. This has been going on since I first posted about nCoV, Jan 27. A lack of historical perspective, lack of understanding of our uniquely delicate position as an over populating, over consuming mammal on a finite planet and adoration of shiny things, seems to have developed a “No Worries” attitude through out the populace.

We simply do not appear to comprehend the magnitude of this Extra Giant Turball hurtling our way. And when it does we will see humanity at its worse. Reality TV will now be front and centre on our front yards. Scrambling to survive.

Not from the health issue side, but simply because we can’t survive without store bought shit.

We’re on our own here folks. (my dear Three)

Stay Resilient.

Feb 12, 2020, Pandemic Update-Code Yellow, continued stench of lying with a wiff of breeze.

Big jump in confirmed cases, +14,840

Deaths up 242.


Some wacky numbers just released. Both confirmed cases and deaths spiked today in Hubei province. Could be the cracks in the story finally letting go.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Real numbers? The WHO with a response that merits the situation? Chinese people storming official offices? Quarantining China? Stock market pay attention to reality?

Nah, that’s wishful. This shit show is going to behave like the Energizer Bunny.

Feb 10, 2020; 2019 nCoV Update


  • Most Noteable: quarantine period can be up to 10 days longer (14+10 =24).
  • Keeping an eye on the peoples response to their less than forthright government(s)….everywhere seems to be playing the same hand….”sleight of”
  • mostly repeated and updated news items/things from everywhere. Its kinda quiet out there.
  • This is Not the FLU!


I’ll stick with Dr. Chris. Doing his best to be on top and tell it the best he can.

You should subscribe. He’s lots of great information.

You could check out all his videos that I’ve posted since Jan 27. I picked the ones that clearly outlined the dangers. He has others for the nCoV geeks.

Wrap it up….please

Still time to get yourself set up. Get your supplies put up.

Stay healthy.

Stay Resilient.

Feb 9, 2020; 2019 nCoV is Not the FLU

“… “Men, it has been said, think in herds, it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.” ~ Charles MacKay.

Lots of hard to verify stuff out there this weekend. Here’s a twaatr feed from Bejing. Clic and scroll down


  • Official death count is now more than SARS
  • Looks like crematoriums are in over drive around Wuhan.
  • The head guy (director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus) at the WHO is either a criminal or criminally stupid. As are our own kids in charge. We have put our faith in mental midgets and will rue the day.
  • Crazy numbers are coming about what might be the real numbers of both confirmed and deaths. As much as 10x or higher.
  • 2019 nCoV can be spread as by aerosols. This is important new information. It adds to the contagiousness
  • Doesn’t look like factories are going to open Monday.
  • I’ve seen videos of massive spraying convoys 5 and 6 wide covering entire streets, sidewalks, store fronts, people anything and everything. If you have any doubts about this being “only the flu” clic on the twaatr feed above, scroll down.
  • Chinese people are starting to get angry and opening challenging their Govt. The elusive President Xi and cronies are doing everything they can to contain this. This alone is a potential powderkeg.
  • Serious lock down and quarantine orders are increasing.
  • This is Not the FLU!


 I have bookmarked dozens of articles. I can’t sumarize any better than Dr Chris.

Wrap it up….please

Still time to get yourself set up. Stay healthy. Prepare Hard.

Feb 7, 2020: Its Now Serious Preparation Time Folks.

A man is his own easiest dupe, for what he wishes to be true he generally believes to be true.


Just had a long and very good conversation by phone with President Xi of China. He is strong, sharp and powerfully focused on leading the counterattack on the Coronavirus. He feels they are doing very well, even building hospitals in a matter of only days. Nothing is easy, but… — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 7, 2020

….he will be successful, especially as the weather starts to warm & the virus hopefully becomes weaker, and then gone. Great discipline is taking place in China, as President Xi strongly leads what will be a very successful operation. We are working closely with China to help! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 7, 2020

I have tried to avoid any reference to the Grande Orangutan, however this mornings Twaats had to be posted as final truth that there really is an emergency. Cause the Orange Don said there isn’t.

I’m now firmly in the camp of, we need to get ready for the worst. So what do I think I know?:

  • In China it is very bad, worse than we are being told. How bad, not sure yet. Indicators are horrific. Just recently Chinese acknowleged 4.9% death rate in Wuhan. In addition, full in-house lock down to more than 400 million people. By any definition, this is not “doing well”.
  • We do not understand what kind of virus we are facing. How contagious, fatality rate, origin, Nada. It will filter out over time. Currently published rates on contagion and fatality rates are very, very low. A good indicator might be the status of the 2 quarantined cruise ships off Japan. We should soon see realistic rates on transmission and fatality. It looks like this will be a laboratory that floats. My sympathies to those on board. Better Japan than most other places.
  • Chinese GovT will begin to scramble to save their own economy. Which will be impossible to do with 2/3 of all factories in shutdown. If the pandemic doesn’t hit us as hard as Asia, we will still have huge problems with “shopping” as we know it.
  • We need to prepare for extreme social disarray. We do not know what this looks like. Best guess is panicked folks, shortage of goods and food as supply chains collapse, major drop in stock market, massive collapse of the world economies. If you have no income (taxes) you can’t pay bills, can’t pay bills can’t get stuff, and so on. This for both Govt’s and plain old folks.
  • Our own Governments (Federal, Provincial,/State, Municipal/County) are scrambling to deal with this and will in most cases be late to the party. They can not be relied on as a final stop gap. In my mind at this they have dropped the ball egregiously.

In the short term I expect:

  • We will be in a Denial fight. Raging discussion back and forth on how bad it is, what to do, who to blame. Get over it. 2019 nCoV is now a thing. Get ready.
  • We will begin to be inundated with all sorts of vile, useless shite from every conceivable media option.
  • Politics will rear its ugly head; blaming, quarantine, major distrust.
  • Fear will begin to rumble. This will manifest in all sorts of ugliness.
  • Financial klaxons will begin to be heard. The stock market is going to reset down. More importantly all governments will have their hands full keeping their propped up economic system, propped up.

A sane response would be:

  1. Continue your preparation. Secure financial assets (get out of the stock market). Have cash available.
  2. The best way to stay out of this horror is to not be in the middle of it. Prepare and plan ahead.
  3. Prepare to self quarantine as need be, when required. Watch for the pandemic to be within 150 km of you. Have a plan for when it does.
  4. We need to prepare for something that could last 12-18 months or longer. This being a far cry from two weeks. Get your seed packages in place.
  5. We need to still have a life as you define it, as best you can, whilst all this rages around us. If we end up living the life shown in pictures coming out of Asia, we are about to be tested as no generation has since WW2.

I’ll leave the almost last word to Raúl Ilargi Meijer of Automatic Earth fame. Lots of interesting factoids in this article.

“As I said earlier today, I picked up a whole slew of articles on the “coronavirus” through the day yesterday, collected some more today, and then decided not to put them in my daily Debt Rattle news aggregator today because it would have been too much.

I wasn’t trying to focus on number of deaths or cases, interest in that is overblown by now. What I look for is news about the consequences of the “coronavirus” epidemic. See, most people look at the numbers, think that they are lower than they could be, and lower than in armageddon predictions, so we’ll all be alright……..”

to read the rest click here

Wrap it up….please

  • To act, you must believe
  • To believe you must understand, you must feel your truth.
  • To understand and feel, you must seek knowledge.

I have laid out my 2019 nCoV info seeking journey on this blog. From Jan 27 to Feb 6, I catalogued enough items to convince me that a whirlwind of pain is coming. I do not need more proof, others will. (but I will remain alert to options).

I’ll resist the urge to post more nCoV doom porn. But will stay current so as to see it unravel.

From here on, its about how to get through this Giant Thundering Turd Ball.

Indy made it, so can you.

    Feb 6, 2020; 2019 nCoV – Pandemic Update – Code Yellow

    Houston, We have liftoff….

    Not Receding

    Its clear now that the numbers are truly suspect out of China. Chinese talks of a complete shutdown into April, even May, (this is what they are prepared to let out publicly now) with the sound of the WHO and other Govt’s applauding them for their efforts. No need to panic over here!

    Feb 7 is the approximate day that the so called second cycle kicks in. That being the day that the people infected by the first wave of sickness show symptoms. If there is a big bump, either in China or elsewhere, not good news.

    Its also clear that this pandemic will not be contained. Too late for that. See the flights from a morning screenshot I took of international flights. Or go here and see for yourself.

    At some point (imagine a Giant Turd Ball careening down your street) there are going to be some seriously pissed Sheeple (starting to look like panic but morphing into righteous rage). Not to mention hospitals full, and weakened countries economies collapsing. Your job?, Company?, your countries ability to provide health care?, stock market?, retirement saving? Who knows. But a good guess is to look at whats happening in China;

    Does this go beyond into July/August? Economic uncertainty and unrest are in our short term future. We have no idea how bad the turn down can be because we have no idea how bad the 2019 nCoV is. We don’t know how bad the nCoV is because the numbers on infection rate (estimates range: R0 – 1.2 to 4.0) and death rate (again they range: 1% to 10% or more) are not being released in a honest manner. Out own Govt’s won’t intervene with reality because they all seem to be complicit in downplaying it.

    A fella, less inclined to be trustworthy, might ask to what end is our Govt’s support of China headed? Did they get fed a bill of goods at the onset, that made sense, and said, “Sure we’ll trust and support you”. Only to have one of those moments later (or not even yet, cause some of these people have the thinking capacity of a box of cat litter) that says those rotten fuckers lied to us (and we took it all in cause we want to do business with them).

    Now to save face they have to extricate themselves slowly. All the while letting more and more people infect more and more people in their own countries. All to save face? or get re-elected?

    Start watching them scramble as the truth comes out. Bring out multiple Doctors with gravitas proclaimiing, ” Alls Well! Alls Well! to drown out the trucks going by yelling, “Bring out your Dead”?

    To quote a famous philosopher from this site, ” Tar and Feather the Bastards”.

    If China is anticipating the peak to hit in April/May what does that say for the rest of the world? July/August?, Sept?, Oct?

    Prepare yourself. This list is actually pretty easy and not too expensive:

    • Start today practising proper pandemic hygiene. Wash your hands, keep hands from face,
    • Help your build immunity (Vitamin C + D3, + zinc), stay as healthy as you can.
    • Build up a larder of foods. Prepare for an extended period (14 days or more) of lock down in your house.
    • Gather medical supplies: hand wipe material, Clorox wipes, ibuprofen, Kleenex
    • Make a plan with family members: who is keeping an eye on elders?, babies?, where will the in home isolation sick bay be?

    Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best. Have a plan. If it turns out to be a simple scare rejoice. Most supplies can be consumed over the remaining year. You might be out $100. The alternative is pretty ugly.


    1.  Read this. The Big Lockdown by Raúl Ilargi Meijer.
    2. Pandemic, Lies and Videos by Charles Hugh Smith. After we have established that all authorities took liberties with the truth regarding the 2019 nCoV pandemic we will have time to reflect on steaming piles of bullshit we have eaten as truth; Climate Chaos, Financial Chaos, Biosphere Collapse, Wars, etc.
    3. US$675 million needed for new coronavirus preparedness and response global plan, from WHO website. But I thought it was only a flu?!
    4. Chinese doctor who tried to warn others about coronavirus dies

    Financial (roller coaster)

    1.  China’s SMEs strive to stabilize business amid battle against coronavirus. by Global Times. This in a Chinese paper. They are shitting bricks.


    1. The Problem of Influenza, by George W Grey. From 1940 article in Harpers. A good overview of the human/corona virus reality.
    2. Saugeen Ojibway Nation Has Saved Lake Huron From a Nuclear Waste Dump. This is huge. Write them a letter of thanks.
    3. Vaan Island in India’s Gulf of Mannar has been rapidly disappearing into the Laccadive Sea. But a team of marine biologists is working to save it. Heres what people need to understand. Dealing with mankind’s impact to the planet will take a lot of work. There is no app for that.

    Wrap it up….please

    Not much to be done but to keep preparing and stay alert to the rise of infections nearby to you.

    Stay Healthy, Prepared and you will be Resilient!