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Oct 17, 2020- We’re Responding with Passive Acceptance of Oblivion.

that ‘ole Normal you are wishfully hoping for…?

This blog was started as an attempt to put on display the extent to which we were Responding with Passive Acceptance of Oblivion to the the Rolling Thunder of the Giant Turdballs coming fast at us. I’ve been at this warning state for about 8 years now. My biggest struggle is understanding why we only glance at the horizon occasionally, some muttering, “Yep, We’re Fucked”, and continue on grazing like the Sheeple we are.

My take on the situation is that our governments, organizations and “leaders” have been basically bribed (grafted) into following the dictates of those with the big bags of cash (Oligarchs). Neo liberal world order, one where the markets will dictate what is right, have become a corrupt system of big money, bribing politicians to enact legislation that is in the interest of the moneyed, not you and I. The military war machine (big money), destruction of regulatory systems put in place to protect our health, water, air, food, privacy, security are examples of the corruption of money over “democracy”. As the new rules are written, more money flows to the Oligarchs, more regulation destruction occurs and you and I are invited to enjoy the good life. That life, where we are told life is wonderful as long as you work and pay taxes is force fed us under the guise of democracy. I don’t know about you, but my definition of democracy is more the will of the people, not the will of the 1%.

And so we are fed chocolate covered rabbit turds, told they are raisins and continue on.

My reading and listening has been focused of late on other ways of doing things. More of the bottom up system vs a top down system. Here’s a listen worth spending one hour on. AxisOfEasy Salon #26: Ben Hunt vs The Industrially Necessary Narratives. I recommend this podcast to one and all.

I’m interested in a system where a localized community decides what is good for them vs 1% telling us. It’s heady stuff, but the problem as I see it will be the reluctance of the vast majority to actually change. It would be easier if all was right in the world and we could discuss it rationally. But I am afraid that it won’t go so smoothly simply because we have become so fractured, scared, manipulated and mislead that rational thought will be drowned out by simply stupid cultish responses. Can’t help but think of things like QAnon as a prime example.

Yeah the Giant Turdballs are coming fast. I’m interested in how we ride out the coming Long Emergency. One where a group of psychopathic oligarchs don’t dictate policy to world governments. One where the country with the sickest of the sick has top military presence, top financial presence and is doing their utmost to maintain their position on top, at the expense of the rest of the people of the world.

There are lots of good ideas; none would be accepted by the Oligarchs, simply because they would lose their standing. And so they fight back, clawing at the levers of power, in a vain attempt to control, to amass more wealth. In a perverse system where many billions of dollars isn’t enough, they want more.

The current minor housekeeping issue C-19, has put on full display the ineptness of our world managers (cause they aren’t leaders). Lots of conspiracy theories rolling around. Mostly ludicris. If you peel back the layers, you might understand that it isn’t a bunch of evil men sitting around coluding, making plans for world domination. Its actually a bunch of evil men (some women) doing all they can to loot the sytem for as much as they can get. Their guiding thought that makes it seem like they are working (colluding) together is simply greed. Their’s isn’t a master plan of world submission and domination. Its all about power and money. How could a new world order be in play?, one of complete subversion of the Sheeple? and not one shred of evidence that puts it all together? Not one whistle blower, no one coming forward. Crickets. Its not that complex. Its a bunch of shit heads all vying for more money, at our expense. Their unifying credo, Greed is good.

If you can tear yourself away from the cacophony of screeching socialTards, raise your understanding up to where the money flows, its ALWAYS, ALWAYS about the money.

So going forward lets spend less time watching POTUS video snips, working ourselves into a lather, over something a deranged individual says. Because he is the master manipulator, as is the other side. He is screwing with us regularly saying insane things simply so we will keep watching, reading and discussing him. He wins when you froth at the mouth. Trump VS Covid – Who Won?

Rise up, pay attention to the big picture. Its how we figure out where we are going and how to make it work.

Options/Ideas/ Progress?

“Part of the problem is that Hollywood has conditioned people to think that where there are bad guys, there must be a good guy around to oppose him. So they look for one and find Trump or Biden. But there are no good guys in a system that’s rigged to only let in corrupt assholes.”

“If all your rabbit holing through information about conspiracies and establishment power leads you to believe that the world is being secretly rescued by the president of the United States, you made a wrong turn at Albuquerque.
the Caitlyn

Issues of increasing scariness: Military action and the coming Survelance state.

I’ve posted stuff re the Military shenanigans going on, off screen from MSM. Mostly US interventions as they try to keep on top. Pushing, prodding China and Russia and Iran. Basically going against all UN covenants simply to maintain top dog status. Playing chicken with nuclear powers. Bringing AI into the military;

Not hearing a lot in the MainStreamMedia (MSM) about this. How is this not an election issue?

The big insidious one is the Surveillance state, big data and its incursion in our lives. One where the big tech companies have a strangle hold on free speech, privacy, election meddling and generally TomFuckery in our lives. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Apple continue to push their own agenda ($$$$) by configuring algorithms that tweak us into behaviors they want. We are giving up our personal data for the dopamine hit that is the constant barrage of incendiary info. That personal data is used against us by the Tech Giants and government. And we give it freely and willingly, so we can continue to consume candied idea turds to prompt a reaction from us. Willingly allowing 1984 into our lives.

Social Chaos

Its happening real time, in front of our faces, wrapped up in a flag and smelling again like a rank dog turd. That which we thought we knew about us, our world, the world order, is disintegrating in front of our eyes, and we continue to ignore it in lieu of some soundbite about which potential POTUS is more inhuman, corrupt and evil. Robert Lighthizer Blew Up 60 Years of Trade Policy. Nobody Knows What Happens Next

Note to Dear Readers 1 thru 4. They are both Shitbags, supported by a couple of hundred lessor shitbags in the Senate and Congress, now SCOTUS and ultimately MSM. Lying Liars all. Its a fraud, plain and simple.

no biggy.

Biosphere Collapse

As always, should you find anything that refutes the general idea of a horrific collapse of the civilization we know, that this is all a bad dream, and/or it’s me who is nuts (rather than the entire planets’ population less myself and 4 part-time readers), I’m open to a funner outlook.

Bring it.


Pics …

“When the government watches you 24 hours a day, you can’t use the word ‘liberty.’ That’s the relationship between a master and a slave.”
— Chris Hedges

Aug 28, 2020- Absolutely No Interest.

Nice teeth tho.

Okay, I’ve sat through enough of the video snippets, pundits pontificating and general “branding” exercises. I get it, as told by their opponents, both parties are the end of civilization as we know it. And yet, that’s it? Other guys really really bad, me good? Does not the whiff of a Reality TV Olympics hang over both proceedings?

Send in the Clowns for the Circus Is in Town. by Edward Curtain

I watched the last 30 minutes of the first Survivor series. I watched 10 minutes of The Apprentice. Surely there are a couple of other adults on this planet who can see thru this gibberish?? Cherished four? Anybody?

Seems to be a lack of substance. Like what the fuck are they going to do about the Giant Turd Balls rolling ever onward? And a couple newish ones.

This election reality show reveals the absolute vaccancy of leadership in the US. Unfortunately as the rest of the world watches in horror, the unwinding of the most powerful country (collection of psychopaths) in the world, nothing has been proposed that solves anything. Continuous drivel that blinds any thinking humonoid from the reality that this election will solve nothing. Yes the US is a shit show. Yes they are an imperialist bully bent on world domination.

The US tortures journalists and whistleblowers, arms terrorists, kills children with starvation sanctions, wages endless wars, facilitates mass atrocities in Yemen, repeatedly used nuclear weapons on civilian populations, circles the entire planet with hundreds of military bases and bullies every nation on earth using military and economic force, but yeah we need to let them remain in charge of the world or else an evil government might take over.

You know that person in your life who’s always telling you what you should do despite the fact that their own life is a shambles and nobody likes them and they continuously make bad decisions for themselves? That’s America on the world stage.

Caitlyn Johnstone

At the expense of their own people. Who are so distracted trying to simply survive they hang on each word of everyone of these sick degenerates that jockey for leadership.

It’s a system that is corrupt, evil, and self destructive. It’s basically a bunch of spoiled greedy kids squabbling over a pile of candy. Its not a conspiracy, Its not anything but shear, unadulterated GREED.

And to keep eyes on the small group of sick bastards that sit on top, civil society is beset with so much horseshit that they can’t glean a kernel of truth about anything. So like any lab rat in a crowded experimental cage, they set upon each other so viscously that when the steam rises from the pile of gore, the only things still standing are the sick bastards who sit atop.

I held out a smidgeon of hope that with the advent of AOC and her fellow progressives that there might be a glimmer. Nope, Bernie sold the farm (what have they got on him?)  not once but both democratic conventions. The power mongers who control the Demoralizers are the same as the power mongers who control the Repugnicans. (Same shit here north of the border folks. Same shit in the western worlds governing bodies). Slaves to Neo-Liberalism. Sold out their leadership for a chance to elevate to elite status and the acompanying wealth. Beholden to big money interests: Military Industrial Complex, Big Ag, Big Pharma, Big Tech, you name it. Both parties the same, disguised differently, different looking avatars, both evil. With no thought to their country, their people, the world.

So we the other 99% will sit fingers crossed and pray that Biden wins, only so Cheeto Von Tweeto lives to ride again.

Yep, hes going to win simply because the Demoralizers are so out of touch. So incapable of putting up a coherent story that doesn’t reflect their donors wants, so fucking stupid. So eager to grasp that ring of Power……my Precious. So eager to appease their lobbyists, benefactors, the evil shit behind the curtain.

Get your marshmallows ready, enjoy the bonfire.

And don’t forget your waders.

More of the Real (AKA Giant Turd Balls), plus a couple new ones.

I had to add a couple more to the GTB list: Military Industrial Complex and Manipulation/Coercion. Both big, both terrifying, both pretty much ignored.

Going forward; the biosphere is showing signs of extreme duress, we are running out of cheap oil, our financial system is swirling down the toilet, and social anxiety is rising.

How to deal with with the two newcomers to the cascading rumble coming our way? Simply follow the lead on the others. Sweep under the rug, ignore till we can’t. Cry about the unfairness of it all when it happens.

Military Industrial Complex

As all eyes are fixated on the US elections, the Pentagon is up to more of its shenanigans. As are China and Russia and whoever else can take advantage of C-19 distractions.


There are nasty things going on behind the scenes. Big Techs manipulation, Gov’t extending its surveillance tenticles, billionaires pushing their agenda. I find this one of the more frightening aspects of our new world order. That in which we are mere puppets. Oh Right. Been going on for a century. (ies)


So economy is the number one issue??? Why isn’t everyone screaming at the top of their lungs? Cause what we have passing as an economy is sucking large and has for years. Printing untold trillions to prop up a failing finacialization industry (The stock market) is NOT the economy.

No Production, No Economy!

No environment, NO ECONOMY!

By the way pay attention to Greenland.

Big Ag

Business as unUsual

Disguised as capitalist, protected with an army of corporate lobbyist with bags of cash, defended by bought and paid for politicians. No other function than to make money, at any cost.

Oils Decline (AKA Peak Oil)


Cause you don’t want to get this thing!; long term damage to the brain, organs and fatigue.

Society (Mega Trends)

Officers Exposed To Steve Bannon During Arrest Scream As Blistered Skin Begins Sloughing Off Is there anyone creepier, slimier or simply outright shitty?

Big read/Listen

College-Educated Professionals Are Capitalism’s Useful Idiots by Kurt Anderson. “How I got co-opted into helping the rich prevail at the expense of everybody else.”

Wrap it up….please.

We’re in the lull before the Storm of all Storms.

Build up your immune system

Get out of debt.

Keep your stockpiles up.

Learn new skills that will be of use: gardening, building, self sufficiency.

Prepare for massive change…..soon.

Better get on with it.

As always, should you find anything that refutes the general idea of a horrific collapse of the civilization we know, that this is all a bad dream, and/or it’s me who is nuts (rather than the entire planets’ population less myself and 4 part-time readers), I’m open to a funner outlook.

Bring it.