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Jan 12, 2020

“I try to be cynical but it is hard to keep up.”
~ Lily Tomlin.

I’m with Lily, what a week of bullshit.

An act of war, reaction, tragedy. Or to be clear; assassinate a UN nation military leader (without declaring war), crickets from the worlds other leaders, a plane gets shot down filled with innocents. All outside of established political, military and social norms.

My only comment, “What the hell was that plane doing flying in the middle of a war zone”??? I’m amazed only one came down and it was contained to some hand wringing and tears. Every one left with some functioning brain synapses left knows that behind the scenes there was lots of arm twisting (extortion, threats, blackmail, etc) by the US to nudge other countries to support them, support the untruths and generally distort the goings on. Make no mistake this is yet another tragedy that was initiated by the US under the guise of that blanket that forgives all action, “Terrorism”. And in all likely hood this was simply a trick of the Master Conman in Chief to deflect (impeachment issues, Deutsche Bank revelations that he’s been funded all along by the Russians, some other women coming forward, more news of his overall unworthiness, pressure form his backers, pressure by Netanyahuu, etc, etc). Because no one seems to care that the US has been screwing with the country of Iran since the 1940’s. And seems intent on doing so until they either wipe them off the face of the earth or more importantly take their oil and remove them as a thorn in their Empire building routine. (must control the Middle East, must control the Middle East)

In our sane, caring, transparent absolutely fake-reality world, one in which every country in the world is not held hostage to US wants, there should have been a massive counter scream. Mostly crickets.

Let’s use out Great Leader up here in Oh Canada as an example as he leads the charge in moral subterfuge and sleight of hand. Assassination takes place – crickets, week goes by – crickets, plane gets shot down – self righteous indignation. Our very own Pretty Boy himself, Justin Fancy Socks is “outraged and furious”. And used his time to proclaim his leadership chops, by appearing caring. And Fuck You! CBC for spinning it this way. Particularly galling is sticking a microphone in a persons face who has just lost loved ones. And then only playing them sobbing. WTF!? How about some background details. I get it. Afraid of getting funding cut, they cater to the party in power at the same time keeping an eye on the Conservatives and trying not to piss them off, cause funding cuts.

The salient details, again;

  • The US in an act of war assassinates a military leader of a UN country (Iran),
  • On another UN countries soil (Iraq),
  • Also killing that Iran’s military leaders
  • US threatens to irradicate Iran
  • World sits and twiddles thumbs.
  • Iran sends out a necessary defensive response (bombs US base, purposely killing no one),
  • Anticipating whatever response, activates full military alert.
  • Plane gets shot down accidentally, cause shit happens in war.

Every country is complacent, we all kept quiet and have let the US Military Industrial complex dictate how things will be. Threats of destroying your countries economy have a way of getting countries to toe the line. Its in their best interest. Cause who knows what the US will throw at them?

Where is Canada in all this? Canada closed their embassy in Iran (thank you Fucking Stephen Harper) years ago. Declared against Palestine. All part of his sucking up to the US (and Israel). This being the same leader prick (on the comeback trail don’t you know?) who expanded our operations in Afghanistan to full on front line assault troops. Aren’t we peace keepers?? Then cuts back support of the returning troops to save money? (Conservative fiscal policy, Whatever that is nowadays). We support the US in the background with our moral stance (Canada the Good). Cause if Canada’s behind it, how could any country question the US? Its Canada, such nice folks! Take a look at our recent support for a coup in Venezuela, leading the charge our very own Chrystia Freeland (she of the pixie smile, pearl necklace, nice words and Lima Group leadership) drumming up international support for the removal of Maduro. WTF?!?! Why would we stick our noses in that mess other than US arm twisting (oh yeah, NAFTA2 negotiations, threat of our auto industry being closed down…..must appease the giant gorilla to our south). To be the supplicant we shall remain, we’ll front the changes necessary to assist Venezuela’s democratic transformation. Horseshit!!! We are too scared to say jack shit.

We need to wake up to the fact that this social/military chaos is being pushed by the decline in oil reserves (too many people+resource depletion=social chaos (war). Great powers are all jockeying for position to control all the known reserves left. Our economies, way of life and indeed modern civilization is threatened. This is not going to change, ever. Wait until there is a real shortage in oil (Note to self. Its coming. Bigly)

Oil is the number one issue (Gigantic Turd-ball) in front of us today. I will spend next week compiling a review of oil, its critical importance and why we can only look forward to weeks, months and years of much worse that this start to the roaring 20’s. Hang on. If you thought climate change was bad news….. You ostriches out there… take a pose. Oh yeah, you’re not reading this anyway. Back to your Recipes, Renovation and Resorts.


  1. 6 Things Media Won’t Tell You About Assassination of Iranian General. YouTube video (14.29 mins) by Lee Camp. Couldn’t have said it better myself. If you only have a little time, watch this!
  2. Some ideas to ruminate on. Iran is not what you think by Ted Rall
  3. Iranians Have Learned to Fear U.S. Wrath — and Canada’s Complicity. by Nazanin Moghadami.
  4. At War with the Truth. by Craig Whitlock. More lies from the Pentagon Papers. Could make a person a cynic.

Climate Crisis (ecocide)

  1. Whats So Wrong With Bottled Water Anyway? by Eve Andrews

Biosphere (collapse)

  1. Our Children await a Radioactive Legacy. by Paul Brown. In which we are leaving our children a radioactive legacy.

Peak Oil/Energy

  1. Oil Shocks. Airplanes are Energy Gluttons. by

Financial (roller coaster)

  1. Reaching That Wile E. Coyote Moment. by The Consciousness of Sleep
  2. Geopolitical Shocks and Financial Markets. by Economic Prism


  1. Poverty in the USA. Video by DW Documentary (46:26 minutes). Its bad news if you are poor(ish). How can this possibly be happening in the worlds richest nation? Start with $738 Billion in military spending? But to save money, Cheeto Von Tweeto is going to cut off 700,000 people receiving food stamps. Does not bode well.

Society (ills)

  1. Media controlled by corporations who have a vested interest in not telling the news…or the truth. If you can’t read the article watch the YouTube video (2:13 minutes)
  2. We have been lied to all my life. Everything I thought was real, not. Here’s a good example. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons been accused of doctoring a report on Syria. Video by @DanCohen3000 (6:56 minutes). So what else is a lie? Everything. Get over it. Red pill shite.
  3. So the US is invading Iraq Again. by Caitlin Johnstone

Wrap it up….please

War is a symptom of the Giant Turd-balls rolling our way. It’s the elite 1%’s response to maintain their position and scoop more dollars. It’s too many people, reduced resources, and corporatization. 50% of the US GDP is basically weapons sales.

And while we watch in true shock and awe at the absolute steamy pile-o, we ignore the profound issues (Giant Turd-balls). Number one is our inability to address declining oil reserves and all it entails.

Lets hope Justin Fancy Socks can keep his shit shoveling to a minimum. And again, up yours CBC! You are a profound disappointment.

Stay resilient!

June 25, 2019

Further Reading.

Great article on Grieving the loss of your Future.  Not sure whether it should be at the beginning or end of this 5 stages summary. I will post again one of my favorite quotes to begin to describe my personal state…

It’s like we’ve turned Noah’s Ark into a humans-only party yacht and sailed it to the edge of Niagara Falls. There’s a million distractions aboard, but only three options as far as the waterfall goes. You can struggle against all odds to turn the ship around, stare numbly into the abyss or turn your back and dance.
My personal adaptation is to ricochet erratically between all three.”
~Arno Kopeck

In the Kübler-Ross model, the five stages of grief in terminal illness are chronologically: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

The stages, popularly known by the acronym DABDA, include:

  1. Denial – The first reaction is denial. In this stage, individuals believe the diagnosis is somehow mistaken, and cling to a false, preferable reality.
  2. Anger – When the individual recognizes that denial cannot continue, they become frustrated, especially at proximate individuals. Certain psychological responses of a person undergoing this phase would be: “Why me? It’s not fair!”; “How can this happen to me?”; “Who is to blame?”; “Why would this happen?”.
  3. Bargaining – The third stage involves the hope that the individual can avoid a cause of grief. Usually, the negotiation for an extended life is made in exchange for a reformed lifestyle. People facing less serious trauma can bargain or seek compromise. Examples include the terminally ill person who “negotiates with God” to attend a daughter’s wedding or an attempt to bargain for more time to live in exchange for a reformed lifestyle.
  4. Depression – “I’m so sad, why bother with anything?”; “I’m going to die soon, so what’s the point?”; “I miss my loved one; why go on?”
    During the fourth stage, the individual despairs at the recognition of their mortality. In this state, the individual may become silent, refuse visitors and spend much of the time mournful and sullen.
  5. Acceptance – “It’s going to be okay.”; “I can’t fight it; I may as well prepare for it.” In this last stage, individuals embrace mortality or inevitable future, or that of a loved one, or other tragic event. People dying may precede the survivors in this state, which typically comes with a calm, retrospective view for the individual, and a stable condition of emotions.

These five describe my personal evolving into acceptance of Climate Crisis. I see it people in various levels on this. Most are struggling with Denial.

And the climate crisis understanding and acceptance goes through a similar pattern

Stage 1: Deny the Problem Exists. For a long time climate contrarians denied that the planet was warming. Usually this involves disputing the accuracy of the surface temperature record, given that the data clearly indicate rapid warming.

Stage 2: Deny We’re the Cause. Once people move beyond denying that the problem exists, they often move to the next stage, denying that we’re responsible.

Stage 3: Deny It’s a Problem. Once they’ve progressed through the first two stages and admitted global warming is happening and human-caused, contrarians generally move on denying it’s a problem.

Stage 4: Deny We can Solve It. Claiming that solving the problem is too expensive and will hurt the poor. Put in Andrew Sheer, Doug Ford, Jason Kenney, et al, pic here.

Stage 5: It’s too Late. Stage 5  denial involves arguing that it’s too late to solve the problem, so we shouldn’t bother trying (though few climate contrarians have reached this level). Unfortunately this stage can be self-fulfilling. 

Climate Crisis

  1. Potentially historic deadly early summer heat wave to roast Europe-peaking midweek. I think it could be Climate Crisis, Emergency, Chaos, etc.
  2. Canadian Forces Hard Pressed to support Climate Crisis. All militaries in the World have been preparing for this for 15 yrs or more. For more on this read the book Climate Wars by Gwynne Dyer or listen here to a radio version
  3. UN expert says human rights may not survive crisis. When times get tough, people complain, then it escalates to civil unrest. Then the jackboots come out.


  1. International markets are roiling these days. Hard to find something that is not a rehash of other stuff. Forget China – it’s America’s own economic system that’s


  1. Insane Trade and climate crisis. ‘Cause its nuts. Best option buy local.
  2. Short video on the insanity. And the fact sheet for it.
  3. Huge Aquifer found off US north east coast. Buys some time.

Peak Oil/Energy

  1. The Strait of Hormuz is the world’s most important oil transit chokepoint. This becomes extremely important as the 3 Savage Monkeys, plan Irans capitulation. BTW, Not going to happen without a severe kick in the cojones to the West.
  2. Venezuelas Collapse is a window into how the Oil age will unravel. Peak Oil is not that we will completely run out of oil, its that the oil that is left is hard and expensive to get.

6. Society (ills)

  1. One third of Americans would support a preemptive nuclear strike against North Korea, researchers say. WTF?! Just imagine if the North Koreans actually did something? So who next Iran?, Turkey?, Pakistan? Russia?, China? A country doesn’t do what the US wants….Just nuke’m that’ll fix it. The sad reality is that this bellicose behaviour is when times are supposedly good in the US (unemployment, stock market, Pollyanna living). It doesn’t take a big forward thinking leap to see how this unravels as the Emerging Mega trends (US financial system erodes, food scarcity becomes an issue or oil is not available) will push the Isolated States of America to more dramatic chest thumping with its first diplomatic option, threat of nuclear obliteration. Until one day they do it. Then what? It’s simply tied up with a bow and ends nicely? Not a chance.
  2. Pence dances on the topic of Climate change. He is robot with a random sound bite generator that spews forth an endless barrage of meaningless drivel. Either that or he is simply a bag of shit with lips.
  3. US military is completely out of control. Its the tail wagging the dog. There is simply so much money available for corruption that its….. wait for it….. corrupt beyond anyone’s wildest nightmares.

June 23, 2019

Winter BBQ out on the lake, Canadian style..
aka methane release

Today’s readings:

Climate Crisis

  1. The Dangerous Methane Mystery. The premise is simple: Warmer climate equals permafrost thaw that releases a shit ton of methane stored under the Arctic ice. And when I say shit ton….
  2. More on UToob. Methane in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (2017)
  3. More on Canadas Perma frost thaw. This is definitely a thing.
  4. More on UToob. W5: What happens when the permafrost thaws?


  1. Feeling the Heat of a Civilization on the Downside.  Infinite growth-bad, continuous financial manipulation by central banks -badder.


Study finds Midwest flooding more frequent | Iowa Now
No shit Sherlock
  1. Do we face a Global Food Disaster? If not now….. Its golf season, and soon enough Halloween, and lets not forget Black Friday, we can worry about this stuff later.

Peak Oil/Energy

  1. Koch-Oil Big Lies and Ecocide Writ Large in Canada Every one in Canada should read this!!! When the Buck-a-Beer Premier Ford and his Alberta co-bumblefucker Keep-on-Trucking Kenney are in cahoots its time to look behind the curtain. We’ve an election coming that could seal our fate. I’m hopeful more than 2 people read this.
  2. Why we should not rely on imported goods from China always interesting energy related analysis from Gail Tverburg.

Society (ills)

  1. America Last-The Real Meaning of Trumps Deplorable Aggression against Iran. Analysis plus a little Mid East history lesson.
  2. Billionaires plan bunkers. So after they “soiled the nest” they hire some mercenaries and hunker down in a land far away???

June 16, 2019

Today’s readings:

We sit atop the chair of four legs: Peak Oil, Climate Change, Financial Collapse, Biosphere Collapse. All 4 are unprecedented in human history. Each of these “legs” has the ability to upend civilization/life as we know it.

All these storm clouds are quickly approaching if not surrounding us now. I see Peak Oil as the short term smackdown. Once we get to the point of not being able to suck enough oil out of the ground, economies will shrink. This will make it impossible to fund any climate mitigation or any other far reaching survival strategies. And then the social chaos ensues, from the needs and fears of peoples who demand from their governments a fix. And then all bets are off.

Just sayin’

Climate Chaos

  1. The Permafrost Nightmare Turns (More) Real
  2. The Arctic Ocean and Greenland ice sheet have seen record June ice loss


  1. The state of Canadian debt slaves. by Wolf Richter
  2. The US Fed is pushing on a string.
  3. Market Mayhem is Due to Truly Perfect Storm for 2019 Recession. I’ve been saying this for far too long… Get out of the Market.


  1. The FDA found PFAS chemicals in some foods and milk. There are countless poisons in the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.  Testing only looks for chemicals on a Govt list made years ago. We don’t know how these chemicals mix and the results. Eat organic (better yet grow your own or find people you trust who do) and filter your water. Be aware!
  2. The biggest animal disease outbreak we’ve ever had on the planet has already killed millions and there is no way to stop it.  This is very bad, we’re not paying a lot of attention to this, but our hog farmers are. We are going to need a Farmer Bailout Ministry ; floods, droughts, tariffs, disease….

Peak Oil/Energy

  1. Oil, population, temperature, What causes what?


  1. Pretty Boy rides again. Under the guise of caring. Billion Dollar Buyout by The Council of Canadians. Here’s something to get involved in. Start with the petition.
  2. Cruise ships are huge emittors of pollution. ..(but, I have earned the right to travel.)
  3. Word-of-the-Day: Reality Apathy. Misinformation researchers warn of growing “reality apathy” whereby it takes so much effort to distinguish between what’s real and fake that we simply give up and rely on our base instincts, tribal biases, impulses. Immersed in our leader’s deceits, we come to believe in nothing.
  4. Visualizing The Father-Absence Crisis In America.  Happy Fathers day to some.

June 5, 2019 – Do Something!

What to do about climate change, biosphere collapse??

First get engaged. Start to read about the organziations doing something along the lines of what you are comfortable  with. Sign their petitions. Throw them a few dollars. Make a noise! Question those assholes (some are actually not A-holes. Find out who they are) who will be running for office this fall.

All of the links below are to organizations that are actively trying to help our world.

There are other place for those that are still struggling with the Climate Chrisis concept here. There could be more.

Todays’ readings:


  1. Prepare to protest.
  2. Look at the New Green Deal.
  3. Council of Canadians – tell Nestle to piss off  They’ve had a free ride for far too long. And yes consider a donation to Council of Canadians.
  4. Stop the Billion dollar Buyout – more Bullshit double speak from Pretty Boy (aka J.Trudeau). Lets stop him spending our money for his warped environmental program.
  5. Bill and Co.
  6. Look at the Green Party of Ontario. Compare them to the Buck-a-Beer-Premiere and his gang of reprobates.


  1. There is hope! Become a priest of the Ásatrú Association.

March 27, 2019


VIP Video

This is not an elitist issue’: AOC on Republican inaction on climate change We need lots more of this!!!!!!

Todays’ readings:


  1. Saudi Arabia Using 140-Year-Old Loophole To Soak Up California’s Scarce Water Supply The worlds rich countries are taking resources from the poorer ones. Chinas doing it in Africa, there’s a bunch salivating over Venezuela, Canada’s mining industry is doing it around the world. All for $$$, all with no regard to the local economies and people. How ironic that the Saudis’ are ramming it to the US.

Climate Chaos

  1. Heatwave melting NWT’s ice roads, ruining events Hmm, the grim result of ruining events is ruining the world.
  2. Mozambique floods cover more ground than NYC, Chicago, D.C., and Boston — combined A world class disaster.


  1. Climate Change Could Make Insurance Too Expensive for Most People Its hard to deny climate change when it directly effects your bottom line.


  1.  VIDEO  What are PFAS and why are people freaking out about them? Could it be that the miracle of chem tech is not so great? food+water poisoning could be is bad? Check out the links under Show More…


  1. Petro Politics and Trudeau’s Sordid Pipeline Deal This is old news, but a good article. There goes Pretty Boy, lying through his teeth yet again, all while mincing down the street with his colourful hightop socks, using his bazzoka of bullshit to smother his betrayal of Canada being a climate leader.


  1. Might?!? We Might Be Reaching ‘Peak Indifference’ on Climate Change 
  2. The Subtle Seduction of the ‘Warm’ in Global Warming I’ll refer to this as the 2Dogs scenario. In which someone who could know better, revels in the fine weather they are enjoying. Even tho it’s completely out of character for the region and directly links to Climate Chaos, but better. For now.
  3. America Has Forgotten the Warnings of FDR
  4. It’s official: Russiagate is this generation’s WMD .. and Main Steam Media, has failed yet again. There has been lots of push back over past 2 yrs on this from independent journalists. Remember journalists?


  1. In support of Cyclists Everywhere

oh Canada

  1. Harper, Serial Abuser of Power: The Evidence Compiled  Had to add this as Canada writhes thru the SNC-Lavalin scandal. Listening to Andrew Scheer pontificate purity is gagging. Liberals lies: election reform, climate leadership and committment to goals, balanced budget…….. Both Libs and Cons have sold the farm to corporate influence. As has most of the worlds governments. Time they were all ousted.