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Aug 28, 2020- Absolutely No Interest.

Nice teeth tho.

Okay, I’ve sat through enough of the video snippets, pundits pontificating and general “branding” exercises. I get it, as told by their opponents, both parties are the end of civilization as we know it. And yet, that’s it? Other guys really really bad, me good? Does not the whiff of a Reality TV Olympics hang over both proceedings?

Send in the Clowns for the Circus Is in Town. by Edward Curtain

I watched the last 30 minutes of the first Survivor series. I watched 10 minutes of The Apprentice. Surely there are a couple of other adults on this planet who can see thru this gibberish?? Cherished four? Anybody?

Seems to be a lack of substance. Like what the fuck are they going to do about the Giant Turd Balls rolling ever onward? And a couple newish ones.

This election reality show reveals the absolute vaccancy of leadership in the US. Unfortunately as the rest of the world watches in horror, the unwinding of the most powerful country (collection of psychopaths) in the world, nothing has been proposed that solves anything. Continuous drivel that blinds any thinking humonoid from the reality that this election will solve nothing. Yes the US is a shit show. Yes they are an imperialist bully bent on world domination.

The US tortures journalists and whistleblowers, arms terrorists, kills children with starvation sanctions, wages endless wars, facilitates mass atrocities in Yemen, repeatedly used nuclear weapons on civilian populations, circles the entire planet with hundreds of military bases and bullies every nation on earth using military and economic force, but yeah we need to let them remain in charge of the world or else an evil government might take over.

You know that person in your life who’s always telling you what you should do despite the fact that their own life is a shambles and nobody likes them and they continuously make bad decisions for themselves? That’s America on the world stage.

Caitlyn Johnstone

At the expense of their own people. Who are so distracted trying to simply survive they hang on each word of everyone of these sick degenerates that jockey for leadership.

It’s a system that is corrupt, evil, and self destructive. It’s basically a bunch of spoiled greedy kids squabbling over a pile of candy. Its not a conspiracy, Its not anything but shear, unadulterated GREED.

And to keep eyes on the small group of sick bastards that sit on top, civil society is beset with so much horseshit that they can’t glean a kernel of truth about anything. So like any lab rat in a crowded experimental cage, they set upon each other so viscously that when the steam rises from the pile of gore, the only things still standing are the sick bastards who sit atop.

I held out a smidgeon of hope that with the advent of AOC and her fellow progressives that there might be a glimmer. Nope, Bernie sold the farm (what have they got on him?)  not once but both democratic conventions. The power mongers who control the Demoralizers are the same as the power mongers who control the Repugnicans. (Same shit here north of the border folks. Same shit in the western worlds governing bodies). Slaves to Neo-Liberalism. Sold out their leadership for a chance to elevate to elite status and the acompanying wealth. Beholden to big money interests: Military Industrial Complex, Big Ag, Big Pharma, Big Tech, you name it. Both parties the same, disguised differently, different looking avatars, both evil. With no thought to their country, their people, the world.

So we the other 99% will sit fingers crossed and pray that Biden wins, only so Cheeto Von Tweeto lives to ride again.

Yep, hes going to win simply because the Demoralizers are so out of touch. So incapable of putting up a coherent story that doesn’t reflect their donors wants, so fucking stupid. So eager to grasp that ring of Power……my Precious. So eager to appease their lobbyists, benefactors, the evil shit behind the curtain.

Get your marshmallows ready, enjoy the bonfire.

And don’t forget your waders.

More of the Real (AKA Giant Turd Balls), plus a couple new ones.

I had to add a couple more to the GTB list: Military Industrial Complex and Manipulation/Coercion. Both big, both terrifying, both pretty much ignored.

Going forward; the biosphere is showing signs of extreme duress, we are running out of cheap oil, our financial system is swirling down the toilet, and social anxiety is rising.

How to deal with with the two newcomers to the cascading rumble coming our way? Simply follow the lead on the others. Sweep under the rug, ignore till we can’t. Cry about the unfairness of it all when it happens.

Military Industrial Complex

As all eyes are fixated on the US elections, the Pentagon is up to more of its shenanigans. As are China and Russia and whoever else can take advantage of C-19 distractions.


There are nasty things going on behind the scenes. Big Techs manipulation, Gov’t extending its surveillance tenticles, billionaires pushing their agenda. I find this one of the more frightening aspects of our new world order. That in which we are mere puppets. Oh Right. Been going on for a century. (ies)


So economy is the number one issue??? Why isn’t everyone screaming at the top of their lungs? Cause what we have passing as an economy is sucking large and has for years. Printing untold trillions to prop up a failing finacialization industry (The stock market) is NOT the economy.

No Production, No Economy!

No environment, NO ECONOMY!

By the way pay attention to Greenland.

Big Ag

Business as unUsual

Disguised as capitalist, protected with an army of corporate lobbyist with bags of cash, defended by bought and paid for politicians. No other function than to make money, at any cost.

Oils Decline (AKA Peak Oil)


Cause you don’t want to get this thing!; long term damage to the brain, organs and fatigue.

Society (Mega Trends)

Officers Exposed To Steve Bannon During Arrest Scream As Blistered Skin Begins Sloughing Off Is there anyone creepier, slimier or simply outright shitty?

Big read/Listen

College-Educated Professionals Are Capitalism’s Useful Idiots by Kurt Anderson. “How I got co-opted into helping the rich prevail at the expense of everybody else.”

Wrap it up….please.

We’re in the lull before the Storm of all Storms.

Build up your immune system

Get out of debt.

Keep your stockpiles up.

Learn new skills that will be of use: gardening, building, self sufficiency.

Prepare for massive change…..soon.

Better get on with it.

As always, should you find anything that refutes the general idea of a horrific collapse of the civilization we know, that this is all a bad dream, and/or it’s me who is nuts (rather than the entire planets’ population less myself and 4 part-time readers), I’m open to a funner outlook.

Bring it.


July 20, 2020 – Is that Thunder, Drums, GTB’s rolling in or All Three?

Keystone Cops in charge.

I’m betting Giant Turd Balls. Other than the occasional polyanna wishful thinking nugget, not much good news on the horizon . (remember….keep an eye on it). And yet the Sheeple seem to still expect Normality.

I go out; people not wearing masks…tho that’s looking like it will change as laws making masks in public come into effect. People lining up for opportunities to infect themselves. Demanding their right to do things they “need” to do.

Effects of even short term minor cases of C-19 are showing long term deliterious effects to organs, brain function and energy levels. The long term health care costs are incaculable on this. Wait till the fall and we go into reality season; as the US petri dish develops more virilant mutations.

Business continue to fail, jobs lost permanetly, more money printed to offer “support”. 14 billion $$ and counting to the oil industry in oh Canada so far.

Oil industry in shatters. Wait for the pain of that to hit; expensive to drive, food production, transport of goods, supply chains shattered, plastic shit done away with. Everything that was `normal`…gone. Once this trip wire goes, we will be thinking wishfully of today.

Continuing saga of breakdown in international trade and US bullying to work “their” playing field. China / US failing. US bullying sort of succeeding; think Huawei in 5G networks in Britain.

And yet climate is roiling, peaks being hit around the world, most notably both poles. Around me its been a crazy summer of high heat, constant extreme thunderstorm warnings, and high levels of precipitation.

Military flexing of muscle on many fronts: Middle east, Indian/China, US/China south China seas bullshit, US still provoking Iran, US glancing at Venezuela, unrest continues in Hong Kong, Europe Union building more pissed off have not countries.

The world watches with bated breath the agonizing wriggling of the US. Make no mistake about it, the American empire we have known will not be the same after this year. The US election stands no chance of correcting any of the dis-function within the openly corrupt political system. Whether its La Grande Orangutan or he who is Ghost-Hiding-In-Basement. No change for good. Big dollars being thrown around to big pharma, tech and the military system continue to drain any opportunity to effectively battle not only C-19 but a myriad of social issues exacerbated by wealth inequality.

2020 will go down as an pivotol moment in world history. We are in the midst of a Big Change to Less. It is happening as we sit here waiting for remembrances of past fuzzy thinking to re-appear.

My advise, turn away and concentrate on what you can influence; get out of debt, get out of the markets, develop skills and systems to prepare for a world of a lot less (stuff, schooling, travel, restaurants, services, gov’t, food, gas, healthcare, etc) . Develop your local support networks. Grow food. Invest in yourself. Pay attention. Work on your there/there nows.

A Jolt of Real

I think Mr Kunstler has done a fine job of drilling down to reality.

  1.  A Bigger Picture. by James Kunstler


  1. My patient caught Covid-19 twice. So long to herd immunity hopes? by D. Clay Ackerly
  2. Coronavirus warning from Italy: Effects of COVID-19 could be worse than first thought. by Stuart Ramsay
  3. Unless We Take Urgent Action, Covid-19 Won’t Be the Last Virus That Jumps From Animals to Humans. by John Buell.
  4. CDC acknowledges mixing up coronavirus testing data. by Marty Johnson. At some point soon I expect a massive die-off due to just extreme embarrassment.

Imperialism (Saber Rattling)

Its all part of maintaining the empire. Have to do something with the untold Trillion$.

  1. US Rejects Chinese Claim To South China Sea In Major Reversal Of Obama-Era Appeasement. by Zerohedge

Society (That which is going Awry, occasionally something that isn’t)

  1. Fertility Rate. by James Gallgher. I have trouble seeing this as a bad thing.
  2. James Lovelock: ‘The biosphere and I are both in the last 1% of our lives’. by Jonathan Watts.

Wrap it up….please.


As always, should you find anything that refutes the general idea of a horrific collapse of the civilization we know, that this is all a bad dream, and/or it’s me who is nuts (rather than the entire planets’ population less myself and 4 part-time readers), I’m open to a funner outlook.

Bring it.