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Feb 12, 2020, Pandemic Update-Code Yellow, continued stench of lying with a wiff of breeze.

Big jump in confirmed cases, +14,840

Deaths up 242.


Some wacky numbers just released. Both confirmed cases and deaths spiked today in Hubei province. Could be the cracks in the story finally letting go.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Real numbers? The WHO with a response that merits the situation? Chinese people storming official offices? Quarantining China? Stock market pay attention to reality?

Nah, that’s wishful. This shit show is going to behave like the Energizer Bunny.

Feb 10, 2020; 2019 nCoV Update


  • Most Noteable: quarantine period can be up to 10 days longer (14+10 =24).
  • Keeping an eye on the peoples response to their less than forthright government(s)….everywhere seems to be playing the same hand….”sleight of”
  • mostly repeated and updated news items/things from everywhere. Its kinda quiet out there.
  • This is Not the FLU!


I’ll stick with Dr. Chris. Doing his best to be on top and tell it the best he can.

You should subscribe. He’s lots of great information.

You could check out all his videos that I’ve posted since Jan 27. I picked the ones that clearly outlined the dangers. He has others for the nCoV geeks.

Wrap it up….please

Still time to get yourself set up. Get your supplies put up.

Stay healthy.

Stay Resilient.

Feb 9, 2020; 2019 nCoV is Not the FLU

“… “Men, it has been said, think in herds, it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.” ~ Charles MacKay.

Lots of hard to verify stuff out there this weekend. Here’s a twaatr feed from Bejing. Clic and scroll down


  • Official death count is now more than SARS
  • Looks like crematoriums are in over drive around Wuhan.
  • The head guy (director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus) at the WHO is either a criminal or criminally stupid. As are our own kids in charge. We have put our faith in mental midgets and will rue the day.
  • Crazy numbers are coming about what might be the real numbers of both confirmed and deaths. As much as 10x or higher.
  • 2019 nCoV can be spread as by aerosols. This is important new information. It adds to the contagiousness
  • Doesn’t look like factories are going to open Monday.
  • I’ve seen videos of massive spraying convoys 5 and 6 wide covering entire streets, sidewalks, store fronts, people anything and everything. If you have any doubts about this being “only the flu” clic on the twaatr feed above, scroll down.
  • Chinese people are starting to get angry and opening challenging their Govt. The elusive President Xi and cronies are doing everything they can to contain this. This alone is a potential powderkeg.
  • Serious lock down and quarantine orders are increasing.
  • This is Not the FLU!


 I have bookmarked dozens of articles. I can’t sumarize any better than Dr Chris.

Wrap it up….please

Still time to get yourself set up. Stay healthy. Prepare Hard.

Jan 14, 2020

US = China, Saudi, India, France, Russia, Britain, Japan, S Korea,

“…We’d happily stuff live baby harp seals in the tanks of our SUVs to keep them running, all the while convincing ourselves that the harp seals like it.” ~ Sharon Astyk


  1.  US Environmental Justice Stories to Watch. by Yvette Cabrera. Cause until the US gets its shit together, nothing gets done.

Climate Crisis (ecocide)

  1.  Ocean temperatures hit record high as rate of heating accelerates. by Damian Carrington (G).

Biosphere (collapse)

  1.  Like Sending Bees to War. by Annette McGiveny (G). As stated before, “Its going to be difficult to hand pollinate with Q-tips.” We’ll use drones, that’s the ticket.

Financial (roller coaster)

  1. What Triggers the Next Financial Collapse? by David Stockman. I’m starting to think that having all the worlds major central banks (US Fed, Peoples Bank of China, Bank of Japan, European Central Bank, Bank of England, et al) printing money at will is a bad thing. I suppose if I drank the Economisters Gator Juice it would help. Print away good sirs. What-Is-The-Worst-That-Could-Happen?
  2. Its Time to Pay Attention to Commercial & Industrial Loans. by Wolf Richter. This is the Economy, not the stock market.
  3. Trillions of Dollars in U.S. Military Spending Are Unaccounted-For. by Eric Zuesse. This idea that 20+ Trillion dollar$ is going unaccounted is pretty hard to fathom. First the number is pretty large. Second the fact that it is unaudited is not beleivable understandable. Lets for a moment imagine that 5% of that $20 trillion was used as graft/bribery/payola (if 5% is not to your liking pick any number you want). I know this is a stretch to think that there is corruption but bear with me. 5% of $20 trillion = $1 trillion. Divide that into 20 years of out of control spending = $50 billion a year. What’s the chance that there is TomFuckery of the highest order going on with the Pentagon, US polititians, and every fucker who can get their beak to that $50 billion trough? Even the pizza delivery guy? This can’t end well.
$100 million on a pallet. Couch is worth $46.7 million
Enough pallets to send each member of the Senate (100) and Congress (535) home with one each and every year. And still have that $40 Billion to give everyone worldwide clean water.


  1. China flight systems jammed by pig farm’s African swine fever defences. by Mandy Zuo (SCMP). Not sure this isn’t more an example of Societys ills.

Society (ills)

  1. Why Do So Many Incompetant Men Become Leaders? Could it be that any one even slightly sane doesn’t want the job? by Tomas Chammoro-Premusic (Ted)

Wrap it up….please

I got nuthin, but 20 trillion dollars!?!?

Jan 12, 2020

“I try to be cynical but it is hard to keep up.”
~ Lily Tomlin.

I’m with Lily, what a week of bullshit.

An act of war, reaction, tragedy. Or to be clear; assassinate a UN nation military leader (without declaring war), crickets from the worlds other leaders, a plane gets shot down filled with innocents. All outside of established political, military and social norms.

My only comment, “What the hell was that plane doing flying in the middle of a war zone”??? I’m amazed only one came down and it was contained to some hand wringing and tears. Every one left with some functioning brain synapses left knows that behind the scenes there was lots of arm twisting (extortion, threats, blackmail, etc) by the US to nudge other countries to support them, support the untruths and generally distort the goings on. Make no mistake this is yet another tragedy that was initiated by the US under the guise of that blanket that forgives all action, “Terrorism”. And in all likely hood this was simply a trick of the Master Conman in Chief to deflect (impeachment issues, Deutsche Bank revelations that he’s been funded all along by the Russians, some other women coming forward, more news of his overall unworthiness, pressure form his backers, pressure by Netanyahuu, etc, etc). Because no one seems to care that the US has been screwing with the country of Iran since the 1940’s. And seems intent on doing so until they either wipe them off the face of the earth or more importantly take their oil and remove them as a thorn in their Empire building routine. (must control the Middle East, must control the Middle East)

In our sane, caring, transparent absolutely fake-reality world, one in which every country in the world is not held hostage to US wants, there should have been a massive counter scream. Mostly crickets.

Let’s use out Great Leader up here in Oh Canada as an example as he leads the charge in moral subterfuge and sleight of hand. Assassination takes place – crickets, week goes by – crickets, plane gets shot down – self righteous indignation. Our very own Pretty Boy himself, Justin Fancy Socks is “outraged and furious”. And used his time to proclaim his leadership chops, by appearing caring. And Fuck You! CBC for spinning it this way. Particularly galling is sticking a microphone in a persons face who has just lost loved ones. And then only playing them sobbing. WTF!? How about some background details. I get it. Afraid of getting funding cut, they cater to the party in power at the same time keeping an eye on the Conservatives and trying not to piss them off, cause funding cuts.

The salient details, again;

  • The US in an act of war assassinates a military leader of a UN country (Iran),
  • On another UN countries soil (Iraq),
  • Also killing that Iran’s military leaders
  • US threatens to irradicate Iran
  • World sits and twiddles thumbs.
  • Iran sends out a necessary defensive response (bombs US base, purposely killing no one),
  • Anticipating whatever response, activates full military alert.
  • Plane gets shot down accidentally, cause shit happens in war.

Every country is complacent, we all kept quiet and have let the US Military Industrial complex dictate how things will be. Threats of destroying your countries economy have a way of getting countries to toe the line. Its in their best interest. Cause who knows what the US will throw at them?

Where is Canada in all this? Canada closed their embassy in Iran (thank you Fucking Stephen Harper) years ago. Declared against Palestine. All part of his sucking up to the US (and Israel). This being the same leader prick (on the comeback trail don’t you know?) who expanded our operations in Afghanistan to full on front line assault troops. Aren’t we peace keepers?? Then cuts back support of the returning troops to save money? (Conservative fiscal policy, Whatever that is nowadays). We support the US in the background with our moral stance (Canada the Good). Cause if Canada’s behind it, how could any country question the US? Its Canada, such nice folks! Take a look at our recent support for a coup in Venezuela, leading the charge our very own Chrystia Freeland (she of the pixie smile, pearl necklace, nice words and Lima Group leadership) drumming up international support for the removal of Maduro. WTF?!?! Why would we stick our noses in that mess other than US arm twisting (oh yeah, NAFTA2 negotiations, threat of our auto industry being closed down…..must appease the giant gorilla to our south). To be the supplicant we shall remain, we’ll front the changes necessary to assist Venezuela’s democratic transformation. Horseshit!!! We are too scared to say jack shit.

We need to wake up to the fact that this social/military chaos is being pushed by the decline in oil reserves (too many people+resource depletion=social chaos (war). Great powers are all jockeying for position to control all the known reserves left. Our economies, way of life and indeed modern civilization is threatened. This is not going to change, ever. Wait until there is a real shortage in oil (Note to self. Its coming. Bigly)

Oil is the number one issue (Gigantic Turd-ball) in front of us today. I will spend next week compiling a review of oil, its critical importance and why we can only look forward to weeks, months and years of much worse that this start to the roaring 20’s. Hang on. If you thought climate change was bad news….. You ostriches out there… take a pose. Oh yeah, you’re not reading this anyway. Back to your Recipes, Renovation and Resorts.


  1. 6 Things Media Won’t Tell You About Assassination of Iranian General. YouTube video (14.29 mins) by Lee Camp. Couldn’t have said it better myself. If you only have a little time, watch this!
  2. Some ideas to ruminate on. Iran is not what you think by Ted Rall
  3. Iranians Have Learned to Fear U.S. Wrath — and Canada’s Complicity. by Nazanin Moghadami.
  4. At War with the Truth. by Craig Whitlock. More lies from the Pentagon Papers. Could make a person a cynic.

Climate Crisis (ecocide)

  1. Whats So Wrong With Bottled Water Anyway? by Eve Andrews

Biosphere (collapse)

  1. Our Children await a Radioactive Legacy. by Paul Brown. In which we are leaving our children a radioactive legacy.

Peak Oil/Energy

  1. Oil Shocks. Airplanes are Energy Gluttons. by

Financial (roller coaster)

  1. Reaching That Wile E. Coyote Moment. by The Consciousness of Sleep
  2. Geopolitical Shocks and Financial Markets. by Economic Prism


  1. Poverty in the USA. Video by DW Documentary (46:26 minutes). Its bad news if you are poor(ish). How can this possibly be happening in the worlds richest nation? Start with $738 Billion in military spending? But to save money, Cheeto Von Tweeto is going to cut off 700,000 people receiving food stamps. Does not bode well.

Society (ills)

  1. Media controlled by corporations who have a vested interest in not telling the news…or the truth. If you can’t read the article watch the YouTube video (2:13 minutes)
  2. We have been lied to all my life. Everything I thought was real, not. Here’s a good example. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons been accused of doctoring a report on Syria. Video by @DanCohen3000 (6:56 minutes). So what else is a lie? Everything. Get over it. Red pill shite.
  3. So the US is invading Iraq Again. by Caitlin Johnstone

Wrap it up….please

War is a symptom of the Giant Turd-balls rolling our way. It’s the elite 1%’s response to maintain their position and scoop more dollars. It’s too many people, reduced resources, and corporatization. 50% of the US GDP is basically weapons sales.

And while we watch in true shock and awe at the absolute steamy pile-o, we ignore the profound issues (Giant Turd-balls). Number one is our inability to address declining oil reserves and all it entails.

Lets hope Justin Fancy Socks can keep his shit shoveling to a minimum. And again, up yours CBC! You are a profound disappointment.

Stay resilient!

Jan 8, 2020

“If you’re younger than sixty, you have a good chance of witnessing the radical destabilization of life on Earth — massive crop failures, apocalyptic fires, imploding economies, epic flooding, hundreds of millions of refugees fleeing regions made uninhabitable by extreme heat or permanent drought. If you’re under thirty, you’re all but guaranteed to witness it.~ Jonathan Franzen

Allow me to add, ” and extremely antagonistic behaviour between most countries

The majority of the links on here are US centred. Before I go on a tirade against the US, let me say I’ve lived there, go there quite regularly and have many great friends. Its their government that SUCKS. That makes it even harder to digest. Its like a different country down there.

Most of the worlds current issues (think Giant Turdballs) are due to US policy disguised as US culture, exported to the world at the end of a bayonet (now drone strike) or the financial equivalent – some form of moneyed blackmail. US policy being pushed (ahem) by the over 900 bases placed strategically around the world. It doesn’t absolve the rest of us however. We all wanted the alleged good life on display. We all hid our revulsion at the goings on if it raised our GDP (and we do the same with China). Naysayers were shut down as irrelevant.

I lived in the US for about 4 yrs. Went down in October after 9/11. Its hard to recreate the feeling of a naive Canadian guy walking thru the airport watching in disbelief the Amy dudes in fatigues, armed to the teeth. (it was obvious to me back then that US actions, regime change worldwide, had created this monster). And then I had to listen as Americans bemoaned the fact that other peoples didn’t like them… in fact actually hated them. ‘Cause average Americans actually thought that they were loved for all the wonders of bringing jamming democracy and TV down the throats of 3rd world countries.

I used to say when I travelled the Caribbean and Central America I didn’t want to be in places where armed security walked the streets. And soul selling fella I was, I stuck it out for my better good ($$$$$.) Another image indelibly burned into my head is that of my first NASCAR race. Nothing says come’on lets party like a giant US bomber screaming overhead, turning at a 45 degree angle, at full burn. Support the troops!

I sat and watched, read what I could at the continuing brainwashing, as the US gov rationalized attacking Iraq. (BTW it was all about the oil). Smarter people than me were writing back then… don’t do it it will be a shit show. Well guess what? its even worse than the worst predictions offered. And best yet, it has been proven to be an absolute steaming truckload of horse excrement (read about the Pentagon Papers people!!!). Pretty much a narrative perpetuated by government and military leaders and their bought and paid for media corporations ( I believe that could be the other way round).

I had a American friend that would refer to me as, “my socialist friend from Canada”. We had lots of discussion about this until one day I was invited to a diner at his house and walked into a living room with a 60″ TV displaying proudly Bill O Reilly and his pontificating bullshit. My friend called me over to the couch and said excitedly, ” Watch this, he’s great!” I watched for about 5 minutes quietly and then asked,” Is this for real??” Because I thought it was satire! And thus began my understanding that, yes Dorothy, I’m not in Kansas anymore.

And here we go again. More lies, more distortion of truth, more complacent make america great again mindless Idjuts victory dancing as if they did something real.

America the exceptional has dragged out more wars, destroyed more countries and their governments, and displaced more people that any (add the top 5 perps internationally and they don’t meet the US ability to sow destruction). The US are the foot draggers on climate change, they are now disrupting all international allies with threats and intimidation, and generally are the proverbial giant raging bull in the china shop. And the rest of us, too afraid that saying anything out loud would disrupt our own GDP aspirations, stay silent.

The USA government is motivated by one thing. Profit. All western countries are complicit, and will each get what they deserve.

Now we watch the unraveling of the Excited States, as the election year kicks into gear, and the world crosses their fingers hoping for a return to some form of sanity. Which simply translates to please don’t start another war. We couldn’t dare wish for more.


  1.  Heres a great podcast by a human force of nature Dr. Zach Bush, discussing the state of our food system and ideas to solve it. If you don’t/can’t use Castbox, search in your favourite podcast player for Tractor Time, # 37.
  2. Who Started it? by Major Danny Sjursen. Tag this as Progress, as in from the past, as in history, as in how the great war machine became focused on Iran. (its about the oil). Goes back to the 1940’s when the USA government, via the CIA, overthrew a government to get their oil. Sound familiar? Oh and now they are terrorists.

Climate Crisis (ecocide)

  1.  Love the Land or Watch it Die. by Michael Yates
  2. Savage tick-clone armies are sucking cows to death. by Beth Mole

Biosphere (collapse)

  1.  Humanity can’t recycle its way out of consumption problems. by Valerie Vande Panne
  2. Urgent New Roadmap to Recovery could reverse insect Apocalypse. by Patrick Greenfield


  1.  Harvesting the Blood of Americas Poor. by Alan MacLeod. Regarding both these articles. Is it necessary to say that a country whose military budget is the same size as their next 7 or 8 rivals (combined), then adds another 50 or so Billion$ to it this year, shouldn’t be treating their own people this way? Oh I get it now, its ’cause they won’t get a job and lazy leeches deserve what they get.
  2. Americans Dying Because they can’t Afford Health Care. by Michael Sainato. Richest country in world, most $$ spent on health care per capita, 27th in the world in health outcome for its people. Really! Pretty tough armed forces tho. But wait. This is a good one. 10 times more spent on its military, whats it actually won ? against Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afganistan and more? beat up the 20 members of the Panamanian Army tho. Hot Damn!

Society (ills)

  1.  Population. The Elephant in the Room. by Paul Cherfuka. Until we start to deal with this all bets are off. Try this next dinner party, “The only way we have any hope of staying ahead of the Emerging Mega Trends aka Giganto Turdballs is through population control”. See if you get an invite back.

Wrap it up….please

  1.  American History for Truthdiggers: Original Sin. I started reading Danny Sjursen a while ago on He’s ex American soldier, historian and now writer. He’s done a commendable job writing a US centric history lesson of the the US from the beginning. Bottom line: The US is not exceptional, its just a bully, that lies through it’s teeth to cover extremely nasty actions. Kinda like The Orange Godfather. If every American was made to read this it would have a profound change in their understanding of where they stand in the world. But since it’s basically 37 chapters, nah.
  2. Here is # 2 in the series. Roots in Religious Zealotry. Its a little difficult to follow the article trail from # 1,
  3. Last but not least. A gentle reminder, ok, reminder. It was a free for all

Stay resilient people! This current noise stream is just that. Noise. Stay resilient by looking after yourself and engaging the rot in our leaders.

I choose now to clear my head and take a walk in the woods in -20. Celsius for you who live in one of the two countries in the world not using the metric system.

Jan 5, 2020

Happy New Year. I had trouble with even saying this out load this festive season. Seemed kinda trite. I was going to make a list of the more interesting summations of 2019 and projections for 2020. Then end with a opinion that 2020 would be a turning point of sorts, with Social Chaos at the fore, following in a dead heat by Financial Collapse and Peak Oil. (won’t need to worry about Climate Chrisis as that’s 10 years away). But it looks like the Grande Orangutan has ratcheted up the doomsday clock as a means of taking a bit of heat off. Its going to be hard to deal with the Mega Trends once we are firing at one another.

This angst that we all feel is directly proportional to the uselessness of any leader anywhere to address real issues vs staying in power issues. Is there need for any more proof that the corporatization of our worlds leading governments is complete? Any partially sane institution would actually try to do something in the face of extinction…wouldn’t they? The more powerful the nation, the more dangerous the leader. Pick any one. Maybe that’s a clue as to the worthiness of those who “lead” us: if you want a go at leading this ongoing shitshow, I don’t think we want you.

We are becoming more scared, more angry, more determined to keep out stuff. And our leaders are more unworthy, more decadent, more power crazed than ever. And then there is us, we the Sheeple. I had some more conversations with people I care about- more denial that catastrophic change is imminent. More business as usual. And remember I’ve been hammering away at them for close to 10 years. Crickets.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that we humans are not getting out of this. (A few might, likely wont have iPhones tho). There is no way that business as usual will help us get to the fundamental changes we need going forward if the basic core of Sheeple don’t see any pressing need to firmly place our leaders feet to the fire, up to their balls as its not women leading this. When the wake up does happen it will only exacerbate the whinging from Sheeple who want Gov to bail them out. And one can only imagine the thinking of the leaders at that time. We have card carrying wack jobs at the helm today…. in the good times (if you’re a billionaire). My minds boggles at the leaders coming. Some sort of cross between Trump/Doug Ford/ Idi Amin/John Bolton?

I’ve tried to stay away from politics and stay focused on policy. Its been hard. I even thought about having a new category .. War. War wasn’t on the Mega Trends table as it would distract from the issues and make solving them even harder. And what sort of insane population would go to war when the planets burning??? However it’s hardwired into humans (especially the USA for past 50 years). Other countries have taken note. I will keep War under Social Chaos for now. And war is part of Social Chaos when coming up with real ideas can’t/won’t work. Its important to understand that as tensions increase so does the chest thumping. I truly think that the benefit the American public has been blessed with is that they have only felt their opponents wrath once. Its easy to cheer on the boys at a NASCAR race or NFL game. You’ll have some serious reservations when its on your street. And 50 or so years of crapping in the worlds cereal box has created a vast network of really pissed of people. Countries that want to not have to deal with the US dollar ( think Rusia, China, India, Turkey) , countries forming alliance with anybody but the US (think Rusia, China, India, Germany). Countries that have a generational hatred of the US (think Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Afganistan, most of South America, Central America. There are a lot. Tough to fight everybody in the room (Earth) even when you have the military muscle the US has. There will be a piling on like you can’t imagine once a crack in the facade is seen. Might be a good time to try diplomacy rather than Mafiosa tactics.

Continue making your life resilient. Use less energy, grow more food, buy less stuff, connect with like minded people who will help and most importantly grab hold of those precious moments while you can.

People only accept change when they are faced with necessity, and only recognize necessity when a crisis is upon them.” ~ Jean Monnett

2020 will usher in more unknown changes. Stay resilient!


  1.  Year in Review – (Dave Barry). OK one review. I’m trying to present this article a little differently, rather than a link to the original, a link to an article storage app (Pocket).

Climate Crisis (ecocide)

  1.  Slow Burn. (Inside Story) I await the Aussie riots.

Biosphere (collapse)

  1.   Lethal Algae Blooms (Guardian) At some point those that are still standing will be eating algae, the only thing left.

“…I reiterated our commitment to de-escalation
~ Secretary Captain Commander Double Speak Pompeo, Jan 3, 2020

The 800 lb Orange Gorilla did it. Its very difficult staying away from the usual slagging of an inept mind and his bag people but WTF?! This whole Iran thing is total delusion. We knew this was going badly when the nuclear treaty was ripped up, inhuman sanctions put in place, when the Iranian army was branded terrorists and now this? And Iran has proven that they can bloody a nose or two (think drone strike to Saudi oil fields)

I am of the mind that a country should deal with its own internal affairs and resit the urge to meddle with other countries. OK, I’m Canadian. But to watch the hypocrasy of the US government as this unravels is truly astounding. The difference is that today we get to watch it unfold in real time. You had to dig a little (think Noam Chomsky) to find out the nefarious tricks that the US and Israel were up to in the past.

Change this story a bit and see how it would go if the US was the agrieved party. Lets imagine for a minute that a US general was taken out with a couple of Brits or French officers at his side. I’m thinking not so well. The good news is that there are voices of sanity out there. Speaking very loudly against this travesty. I don’t see that they can slow the US Military Industrial Machine ( Deep State greedy mofos) much. Keeping hopeful that before this escalates cooler heads prevail.

Society (ills)

  1. US Doubles down on its Saudi Allegiance (Craig Murray)
  2. Trumps Point of No Return. (Tom Luongo)
  3. A Dubious Official Story. (Whitney Webb)
  4. War with Iran. (Chris Hedges)
  5. Is Donald Trump the Second 9/11? (Tom Englehart)