June 26, 2020- Ooops!

Its not going away easy to extricate ourselves from CV-19.

Dave Haggith: 2020 Economic Predictions: This Series of Unfortunate Events Guarantees the Epocalypse. He left out food shortages.

The Canary: As the UK heads into a heatwave Siberia is going off the charts. Remember that Climate Emergency Turdball…. its still out there.

Egon von Greyerz: Can too Big For Fed & ECB. The whole financialization movement for the past 40 yrs has been the equivalent to toying with a can of gasoline and a box of matches…by 4 yr olds.

I’m not seeing a lot of good news these days. We’re all waiting with bated breath to see which way the pendulum swings. One thing I’m feeling confident is fast tracking re-opening isn’t a good move. Or printing truckloads of money. Or ignoring the Climate. Or the planet. Or ignoring the oil situation. Or…

Its not going to be an easy shift back to what was.

Prepare, Be Aware, Stay Strong.

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