April 15, 2020; COVID 2019, Code RED – Now What!?

“As the pandemic crisis recedes, we will have to choose between a society that addresses human needs or one in which a survival-of-the-fittest ethos becomes the only organizing principle of society.

Henry A. Giroux

Watching this C-19 shit show unravel, the health side, the economic side, the blatant pro corporate politics, makes me wonder who exactly is watching this from the 100,000 ft level. Does anyone have a clue?

Does this not shine an eirie light on all our world views, as we thought it to be? All’s well in the world, no worries. Climate change, financial chaos, peak oil, social chaos, meh.

This C-19 is not a black swan. It was predictable, had been predicted, even had some planning in place. But for a pile of reasons; OK money, nothing was ready as it should have been, our leaders ignored it. Even as proof comes out they knew of it. Now we hear the excuses and blaming.

And they flounder around trying to keep the old world order of Corporate control of our government, that which says the market will guide us. And we watch the wizards behind the screen, on full display being the incompetant boobs we suspected them to be.

Best example: wear or not wear face masks. Common sense says that if it is asymptomatic, and aerosol transmitted that one should wear a mask. I don’t need a virology/PhD/MD diploma to figure that out. And yet. For weeks we have watched Gooberment leaders vacillate on this simple issue. Still no real direction. They basically screwed up by not having any, needed to provide front line health care providers, and couldn’t. So they waffled on doing anything, were unable to say, “We screwed up, we need to save them for healthcare providers and you should make your own and wear them”. Nope. Six weeks of absolute Keystonion behaviour. These people couldn’t run a 5 item garage sale. And these are our guides forward. And don’t get me going on testing….

We sit waiting to see what our fate will be under C-19. And the same assholes will be propping up the economy so that Corporations can keep making money, whilst we the Sheeple have less and less, to the point we resemble 13th century pheasants toiling in the fields.

I have managed to keep my mouth shut over the past 3 weeks, there was a ton of unknowns. It was easy to see C-19 gather steam in China, be ignored everywhere else, watch our leaders deny, obfuscate, simply ignore the details in China. It was easy to yell warnings at loved ones. It was easy to have my hair go up in flames each day as C-19 crept closer and our own Gooberments did sqwat.

It wasn’t easy to figure out what to do next. Of course isolation, stay at homeness and careful interaction. And so much bullshit being dangled by the New-Experts. The ones who woke up in mid March and had it figured out. Not so much how to emerge from this and deal with the new world that will be there.

It’s been galling, very chilling, and highly irritating to hear our leaders promise: “we have your backs”, “2 weeks”, “we deeply care about the average person”, “we will do whatever it takes”, “we are on this 24/7”. Its all part of the system we have let permeate our lives. Pretty words, followed up with ……… very little.

I’d like an apology, complete with a plan, with concrete examples of how these new systems will improve our lives. It won’t be easy, or without mistakes, but how about moving forward with some truth? oh yeah…. when monkeys fly out of my butt.

Instead; we are grievously short of PPE, test kits, ventilators, no one has a clue what this C-19 is or how to deal with it. But for sure there will be a rush to open up for business and the resultant 2nd wave. Cause you know…… the economy.

So here we sit, bunkered down as best we can, with no clue to how dangerous C-19 is, no ability to test in numbers that matter, no idea how long this will last and what the world will be when its over. And for some, a sinking feeling of dread for changes coming to our way of life.

Most expect a back to normal transition in 2 weeks possibly 4. Get over yourself. In the grand scheme you are the equivalent of a grain of sand on a rather large beach. You have to look after you (and yours). Coming fast at us: food shortages, massive unemployment, stock market collapse, retirement plans collapsed, collapse of business, much more aggressive and beligerent behaviour from the “powers”. And absolutely no guidance or planning or preparedness and all neatly covered up with whole pile of lies.

Welcome to the Crashing ’20s. Where we get to watch Gooberments who have proven to be incapable of preparing for an easily predictable pandemic, struggle to pull us out of it, while marching us blindly into the Giant Turdball shower coming our way.

Just as predictable, just as ineptly.

“I just don’t see the practical potential for knowing who to blame during a time when What To Do is of paramount importance.”

boscohorowitz on Automatic Earth comments.

I’d suggest you actually read these articles. Three weeks readings distilled into 3 fairly important articles. Big ideas, big words (get that dictionary out!). Or you can rely on a speaking head to give you their words du jour and subsequent bowl of shit. From here on, its all about your own actions.

  1. The Only Man Who Has A Clue. by Raul Ilargi Meijer. Real risk management. Real smart. No wonder you don’t hear him more.
  2. First the People. Read this article by Rusty Guinn of Epsilon Theory. Take a day to digest it. Imagine what our world will look like in 10 years doing the same thing(s). Imagine your world, family, job, security, community. How will they fare? Do you believe it will better or worse?
  3. Economies won’t be able to recover after shutdowns. by Gail Tverberg. Some pragmatic thinking to penetrate the unreal fog of the V shaped recovery talk.

Stay Strong, Healthy and Resilient!

What other choices do you have?

One thought on “April 15, 2020; COVID 2019, Code RED – Now What!?”

  1. these articles left me reeling well written, I couldn’t argue with any of them, R Guinn’s article was best – I was most disappointed with media – so much power – so little honest journalism, I feel jaded, hard to focus on what next. The Jonathan Freedland article about what next after lockdown – yikes!?! most people can’t even follow instructions to enter carnival ride – how are we gonna safely do this. ………….going for walk – nature never lets me down


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