Mar 23, 2020; COVID 2019, Code RED -COVIDidiots – Stay isolated !

“The hologram of capital that was not really there dissolves before our eyes. That capital, you understand, was our notion of how wealthy we used to be, like, five minutes ago. And now the capital, the money, the mojo of modern life is going-going-gone. The hologram was projected by a fantastically hypercomplex hologram machine jerry-rigged with frauds, swindles, and false promises to pay tomorrow for that proverbial hamburger today. The people running it left the robots in charge and went off to frolic with the likes of Jeffrey Epstein, speaking of the profane. Then, the hologram machine broke and the iridescent image just plumb flickered out.

James Kuntsler





“Honestly, the lyrics are more intelligible than anything the President has said about the virus so far.”


Heres the beginnings of a List of Info Sources:

Move along…

No change. Our North American gooberments scramble as they try to contain this shitstorm.

We can just sit and think about it. Some even seething at whats going on. Seething because this was all so unnecessay. We should have been on top of it 6 weeks ago. But we weren’t. So we isolate, waiting for a sign it has abated and we can come out of our little rabbit holes to whatever is left.

Stay Strong, Resilient and virus free.

“ There’s a concept of economy and efficiency. You should have just enough beds for what you need tomorrow. You shouldn’t prepare for the future. Right? So the hospital system’s crashing. Simple things like tests which you can easily get in a country South Korea, you can’t get here.

So the coronavirus, which should be controlled in a functioning society, is going out of hand here. We’re just not ready for it.

What we’re good at, what our leaders are good at, and have been very good at for the last 40 years, is pouring money into the pockets of the rich and the corporate executives while everything else crashes.”

Noam Chomsky

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