Mar 18, 2020; COVID 2019, Code RED – … “unravelling the damage will be long-term and extremely destabilising.”

This graph shows the similarity of the increase in countries overlaid from first instance of COVID-19.
It also shows the countries who had the best response and how their numbers began to taper off.
Canada and US trajectory on straight flight to moon.

Click here to see interactive chart

“Epidemics, have a way of revealing underlying truths about the societies they impact”

Anne Applebaum

“There are lessons to be learned within the coming weeks from public health to medicine to human interactions. Let’s hope that we can cooperate with one another in order to keep the hive alive.”

Julian Vigo

Wanker Bankers
An excellent overview said as plainly as possible.
From about 10 yrs ago.

“The market’s final euphoric top wasn’t driven by economic reality, phenomenal growth expectations, accelerating corporate profitability or rising consumer incomes and discretionary spending. Nope. The only real driver was the continuing expectation/belief Central Banking Authorities would continue to juice the market and distort prices the way they’ve been doing since they stumbled on monetary experimentation, QE and NIRP since the last crisis. 

Now we know they were not a cure. They were hits of monetary addiction. 

Just how dangerous we will shortly find out – just how damaging the unintended consequences the last eight years of market distortion have been. I suspect unravelling the damage will be long-term and extremely destabilising.

Bill Blain

Self Care


  • From The Plague Doctor to Plague Culture by Julian Vigo
  • What if we know When? by Bill Blain.
  • The Coming Bailout Is a Moral Failure by Franklin Foer. “Congress has leverage to rebalance the economy, but so far, it isn’t using it.”
  • The Coronavirus Called America’s Bluff by Anne Applebaum. “The United States, long accustomed to thinking of itself as the best, most efficient, and most technologically advanced society in the world, is about to be proved an unclothed emperor.”
  • Margin Call. by Ben Hunt. “It’s about whether your process empowered you – whether systematically or intuitively – to recognize when the world of risk and cross-asset relationships your models represented wasn’t the world at all, but a cartoon.” Wordy, a bit of a head scratcher but the concept is sound. We have been living a cartoon.

I have been attempting to show how unchecked greed has been the root cause of all that ails us. Truths we knew for sure, blatantly exposed as lies. But still we want happy answers. To have the onion layers peeled back is incredibly difficult to deal with.

  • Its a difficult task when people who just managed to pull their head from betwixt their butt cheeks start with WTF am I supposed to do now? Buy Toilet Paper at all Cost!!!!
  • It’s a difficult task when you have to consider the complexities of our life. Trying to grasp financial concepts in a day or two is tough. Your solution dear Fab Four, is to sit down and take 4.5 hours and watch the Crash Course. You’ve the time don’t you?? What the hell are you watching? The Price is Right? Oprah? Consider it a multi-layer removal device. A wrench for your head from your ass.
  • Its a difficult task when the avg person is scrambling.

Watch as our own governments give more money to corporations who do not deserve it: they expanded and borrowed without considering the risks, they performed sleight of hand business using share buy backs, they leveraged themselves using cheap money to make more money. They made shitty choices, AGAIN.

If we are going to borrow from the future to pay off yesterdays debts, how about giving the money to the people not the corporations. Let the dead blood sucking parasites die, and the new blood move in.

After all, if we live in a capitalistic society, shouldn’t they be judged by those rules rather than making us poor schleps pay for their screw ups??? Cause bailouts are SOCIALISM? aren’t they? Even worse CORPORATE SOCIALISM!

Call it what you want. It’s the rich bailing out the rich. Just because they went to the same private schools, attended the same clubs and generally greased the wheel for each other?

Stay the course! Nothing to see here! Move along!

If we are going to solve any of the immediate and long term GTBs coming at us, we have to stop the madness of continuous growth on the back of the average person, to the benefit of a small percentage (1.0% = oligarchs) . Check out the definition page for some more info. Its time you understood what these words mean.

As this unReality TV show implodes in front of our eyes, it’s critical to remember what’s important;

  • You are the only one who has immediate interest/control over things that will secure you in the short term.
  • You started by preparing with food, cleaning supplies etc. Continue to do so on a daily basis.
  • The best tool to fight the pandemic is not to get it. Stay strong on this as others won’t get it. Social isolation, hand washing, no face touching.
  • Stay positive, but be alert.

And for those of you who are looking for some hope, wrong site. I might have been giving some out 8 yrs ago. Now not so much. Because if we can’t deal with a simple pandemic, how to deal with Climate Change, Biosphere Collapse and the impending Oil Shock? They haven’t gone away.

Here’s your hope for today. Get to work.

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