Mar 13, 2020; COVID 2019, Code RED – …Its going to get far worse.

It’s going to be within the next week or two — probably even more like a week,”

Dr. Anthony Fauci,
In attempting to deflect concern regarding test kits

“This is what you can conclude:

Excluding these, countries that are prepared will see a fatality rate of ~0.5% (South Korea) to 0.9% (rest of China).

Countries that are overwhelmed will have a fatality rate between ~3%-5%

Put in another way: Countries that act fast can reduce the number of deaths by a factor of ten. And that’s just counting the fatality rate. Acting fast also drastically reduces the cases, making this even more of a no-brainer.”

Tomas Pueyo.
I think I started screaming about this at the beginning of Feb. Who knew?!?!

“While there is “some truth” to the statement “that no one” could have seen the fallout of the “coronavirus” being escalated by an “oil price” war, there has been mounting risks for quite some time from valuations, to price deviations, and a complete disregard of risk by investors. While we have been discussing these issues with you, and making you aware of the risks, it was often deemed as “just being bearish” in the midst of a “bullish rally.” However, it is managing these types of risks, which is ultimately what clients pay advisors for.

It isn’t a perfect science. In times like these, it gets downright messy. But this is where working to preserve capital and limit drawdowns becomes most important.”

Lance Roberts of
See article below
or more importantly……
Did your advisor tell you to act with prudence or stay the course? or wait for opportunities? or whatever the heck their higherups have instructed them to say.
Remember, it’s all about THEIR money

The worlds central banks and countries are unloading everything they have to forestall an economic meltdown. Ready to pour untold billions in this gasoline fire that has become our economic world. All while the vultures are looking for buying opportunities.

They are attempting to prop up that rickety chair they created by pouring money into it since 2009. It may work. Likely won’t. Then what?

The world watches the US begin to grapple with this under the watchful leadership of Le Grande Orangutan and tribe. Lets face it, if the US crumbles all bets are off worldwide. And its on the edge of crumbling. Wait until their goobermunt tries to begin to forcibly contain quarantine cases, stem the panic of shortages, explain their lack of anything meaningful.

It’s yet to be determined if China is out of the woods. Forcing their people back to work may have merely passed around the coronavirus to more people ready for their next phase of infection. We don’t know if China can pull it out yet. Their industries are floundering at best, to supply stuff to the the rest of the world, who are going thru extreme duress attempting their own population saving methods.

Anticipate major US outbreaks in next 7 days (and oh Canada), more so when test kits are actually available. The US work force will be in the same boat as the rest of the world.

The three economic engines of the world will be in some form of shutdown for the next 2-3 months; China, Europe and the US.

I say as gently as possible, how is pouring printed cash going to prop up the worlds industries whilst its peoples are under extreme duress, not working, not buying stuff. We have built a consumer world with lifestyles to match. Financial bailouts to the Rotten who played along with this gigantic Ponzie scheme won’t have dealt with health issues, debt issues or other GTB. Remember Climate Crisis????

We need to prepare for a complete breakdown of the systems we have grown accustomed to. Government support, supply chains, availability of food, supplies, equipment. Depending on where you are in the world, things will vary.

We have a massive Depression coming and we are seriously underprepared.

No worries, nothing to see here, move along.

Do your best not to catch the coronavirus!

Self Care

I usually ain’t that bright, but it seems to me that all countries follow a similar pattern and have since COVIS-19 got out of China. To expect otherwise is … hmmm … just silly.

And we’ve known this for at least 4 weeks. Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Wrap it Up….Please

Grab hold, hang on and prepare for a brutal ride.

Stay strong, safe and suck up your inner GRIT.

One thought on “Mar 13, 2020; COVID 2019, Code RED – …Its going to get far worse.”

  1. What a crazy week! Thanks for all your time and energy getting this information to us. I really appreciate it. I am so grateful I’m not in a line witnessing people fighting for carts or toilet paper (!!?) right now, because i started to prepare in January. Thanks again Morpheus.


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