Mar 4, 2020; COVID 2019, Code Yellow morphing into Red- ..

Does anybody really want any of these assholes in charge!?
If the economy is so strong, why the fixation on pumping it up?
Likely better to prevent, than repair a not yet broken system.


To understand great disparities in disease outcomes between CIVID-19 patients, we explore infection and host responses in kinetics. From existing data, we deduced a model that the lungs are damaged by rapidly rising flow resistance as a result of retaining white blood cells in lung tissues. The retention of white blood cells is initially triggered viral infection but aggravated by injuries caused by low temperature. Lungs are initially damaged by fluid leakage, rapidly followed by extruding blood into alveolar spaces. The step of blood extruding is predicted to take place in a very short time. Our simulations show that as little as 0.1% retention of white blood cells in the lungs can lead to their failure in 5 to 10 days. The small degrees of imbalance implies that this imbalance could be corrected by a large number of factors that are known to reduce flow resistance. The model implies that the top priority is maintaining blood micro-circulation and preserving organ functions in the entire disease course, especially after the virus has spread the whole lungs. From exploring a large number of hypothetical infection modes, we propose preventive, mitigating and treatment strategies for ultimately ending the pandemic. The first strategy is avoiding exposures that could result in widespread damages to lungs and taking post exposure mitigating measures that would reduce disease severity. The second strategy is reducing death rate and disability rate from the current levels to one tenth for infected patients by using multiple factors health optimization method. The double reduction strategies are expected to generate a series of chain reactions that favor mitigating or ending the pandemic. Some reactions include a big reduction of the amount of viral discharges from infected patients into the air, the avoidance of panic, chronic stress and emotional distress, and cross-infections which are expected in quarantines. The double reductions would have a final effect of ending the pandemic.

  • below are excerpts from the paper. Read it. If this gets as bad as China, hospitals will be packed and unable to treat.

B. Strategies for Mitigating Infection and Lung Damages

…we found many intervening points for altering disease outcomes…

1. …exposure to the virus is just a start point, but not a gameover point. Many potential methods could be used to reduce the number of viral entries. Even through the whole lungs are expected to be infected by the virus,intervening measures can delay viral entries and reproduction and thus reduce damages to the lungs…

2. Post exposure remedial measures include simple things like cleaning nose and irrigating the mouth and nose to remove as many trapped viral particles as possible to reduce further viral entries.

3. Effort should be made to stop sequential exposure to external viruses. Before any virus is released to the bloodstream, the body is still vulnerable to continuous infections in the lungs. This measure is much powerful than using antiviral and antibiotic to control independent and cross-infections.

4. Adjust body conditions in the latent periods… The following should be considered:

(1) Temperature is the most important factor. It is absolutely the first priority to avoid exposure to low temperature. It affects blood vessel stricture, blood viscosity, blood vessel pore size, etc. Keeping warm is the most important measure in the fight against cold, influenza and any lung infections and is important before exposure to the virus, in the latent time, during treatment, and during recovery.

(2) Low humidity facilitates removal of water layer on the alveolar walls and promotes oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange and thus improve the lungs’ function to maintain waste removal balance and mitigate the congestion of white blood cells in lung tissues.

(3) Increase water intake to reduce blood viscosity. A large number of other factors can be used to reduce blood viscosity. Certain foods such as garlic and a large number of herbs can be used to reduce platelet aggregation or improve blood circulation. Right level of salts can reduce blood viscosity by influencing ironic strength. Intake of more water with moderate salts can increase the ability to disperse viral-generated wastes, cell debris and metabolic by-products into the circulating blood.

(4) Increase mechanical vibrations of the lungs. Sound-uttering, an ancient healing art, can help lungs relax, thus facilitating the passing of white blood cells through the capillaries network. It is best used in early phrase, after the reinfection phase, and during the recovery phase. However, sound uttering in the reinfection time windows may facilitate viral spreading. One best bet is avoiding uttering violent and explosive sounds in the reinfection time window. We have shown that deep breathing exercises is the most powerful method for fight against lung infection. It has been used in China, India, Japan, Korean, etc. as the primary healing art for thousands of years. This exercise can be used in a bulk of times to counter the virus-caused white blood cell retention.

(5). Use right dietary, environmental, and lifestyle factors to mitigate infection severity and lung damages. Vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants, selenium, etc. protect lung cells from the injuries of free radicals [64-74]. Lifestyle and body condition also affects human vulnerability to viral infection [75-85]. Chronic stress affects immune responses [86, 87]. A large number of factors can be used correctly to alter disease outcomes if they are combined.

C. Strategies For Reducing Lung Damages and Risk of Death

The infection modes and damage models imply two different strategies in different stage of disease. In the early phase or before the virus has spread to the whole lungs and the patient’s vital organs have ample redundant functional capacities, the measure is inhibiting, slowing down viral reproduction, viral spread and viral reinfections. This should be done as soon as possible. After the
whole lungs have been infected, anti-viral drugs in late stages should be avoided after the vital organ capacities have declined to disability levels. Instead, a sound strategy is taking measures to reduce tissue inflammation, reduce flow resistance, keep waste removal balance and strengthen vital organs in the entire treatment period.

1. Use all safe and non-conflicting factors in favor of inhibiting viral reproduction, promoting innate immunity, boosting immune response, and improving the lung blood circulation as discussed in Sections A and B above.

2. Mitigate or slow down re-infections by patient-self-originated viruses. What is critically important is slowing down viruses spread to the whole lungs. Good emotion, good air ventilation, warn body temperature, low air humidity, and good life manners can slow down the reinfection process. Slower reinfection speeds have an effect of extending the total time for the viruses to spread to the whole lungs. Sequentially sporadic reinfections have less burden on the whole lungs than synchronized large-scale infections. Longer delays in successive infection timings result in reduced viral burden and reduced level of inflammation, thus reducing lung damages and risk of death. If the reinfection time is extended from several hours to a few days, it could make a difference to final outcome.

3. After at least some infected cells have discharged cell contents, couching and sneezing generate high-concentration viral sources for selfreinfection. In the early phrase or small time window, patients should avoid coughing, sneezing, and violent throat clearing activities as much as possible or taking any valid measures to inactivate viruses that are inhaled back. Such attempts can slow down viral spread speed. After the whole lungs have been infected, coughing can generate force to improve micro-circulation to facilitate white blood cells to pass through.

8. Drugs may help slow down viral reproduction, maintain blood circulation, strength heart functions, etc. Patients should be advised that drug side effects can temporarily diminish the usable organ capacities of lungs, heart, liver and kidneys. When the lungs are under severe distress, even a moderate thrust by drug side effects can instantly cause death. Patients should appraise
drug side effects wisely and should consider using factors with little risks.

9. Some medical treatments developed by population medicine should be reexamined in the context of those models.

(1) Antiviral drugs are effective only in the early stage when the functions of major organs are strong. When treatment is started within two days of becoming sick with flu symptoms, antiviral drugs can lessen fever and flu symptoms, and shorten the time of being sick by about one day. After the viruses have spread to the whole lungs, virus reproduction is limited by biological
resources and immune responses. When patient’s lung functions has approached disability level, such a drug may only burden the lungs by its side effects…

(2) We also question the measure of using drugs to lower body temperature… Thus, raising set-point of temperature has an expected benefits of improving blood micro-circulation and facilitates immune cells transport balance. Lowering the body temperature may be justified only in situations that excessive high temperature could damage the brain. However, a better strategy is maintaining the lungs at a higher temperature but lowering the head’s temperature by using a cooling bath.

(3) Using oxygen intake must be reasonable. While supply oxygen can improve lung function, it can cause widespread damages to lung cells and make inflammation even severe. The strategy is avoiding getting to that point and then using oxygen to cause widespread damages to lung cells.

(4) Medicine should explore drugs that can dilate blood vessels starting as soon as possible. However, side effects are always concern. If the blood circulation can be maintained, use of steroids should be avoided because steroids have caused severe damages to bones.

10. To maintain vital organ functions, herbs may be formulated to improve holistic health. Herbal formulations may include herbs that fight against the virus and inflammation, promote waste removal, and strengthen all major vital organs. The focus is improving blood micro-circulation in lungs. Synthetic drugs may be used to dilate blood vessels, but this should be used in the early stage. When the whole lungs have been consolidated, there is no room for the blood vessels to expand.

  • I’d like some discussion on this with my Research Team.

Its time to consider the colour Code re the coronavirus (or whatever the hell it is). Code Yellow is alert/prepare. Code Red is hunker down in self quarantine/isolation, avoid contact with humanoids. Depending on where you are in the world, we start approaching code Red when the first case of virus shows up in your area, then it becomes RED, when the first death occurs.

In a world of GDP’s (Generally Dumb People) this will become difficult as you explain to friends and family you will not be attending gatherings. What to do about school?, work?, seniors homes, factories, etc.

Those that don’t get the seriousness will try all sorts of behaviors to convert your thinking. This is where the Pandemic panic starts to seriously take hold. Tough thinking even though you may have prepared, but over the top losing of the mind for those that don’t take it seriously. Logic says self isolate. What to do about those you care about?, warned? and then took no or inadequate steps.

I’m struggling with all the ramifications of this.

Stay strong!

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