Mar 1, 2020; COVID 2019, Code Yellow, There is a Cull Coming to a Neighbourhood near You..

Looking forward to facing a pandemic in a country where a key source of healthcare is GoFundMe.

— — Kashana (@kashanacauley) February 27, 2020

I went to bed scared, woke up pissed off.

These craven imbeciles we have holding the reins are daily being shown for the incompetents they are.

Chosen for their glib words, use of media, nefarious election rackets, and looking good, they forfeited any responsibility to lead so that their prime directive became, “Must get Re-Elected”.

Now we have a buffoon clown and surrounding suckups in charge of the most powerful country in the world. Powerful militarily, financially and for all intents socially.

Yet when you elect a proven liar, conman, and basic degenerate as President, allow him to surround himself with ass kissing career degenerates such as he, you get to sit back and watch as the system falls apart. Three years has allowed the destruction of the forces (Government oversight) that should/could/would have been in place to manage disaster. Look at the EPA!

Well now you don’t have those safety nets. I look around me here in oh Canada, its the same. Only ours is prettier and says nicer words.

COVID-19 Reality

  • When you get a few cases of coronavirus, its time to go into overdrive to control its spread.
  • When the first death due to corona virus happens, your country is in a bad way. With those first few cases, some discovered some not, the disease continues to transmit, infect and contaminate in a far reaching manner.
  • The first death indicates it’s all around, now we have to sit and watch where the pockets of infection show up. The infections start to increase as do the deaths. We are now at this point. Hyperdrive should be the response.
  • So now the US healthcare (actually its disease care but that’s another story) system, yet to have a supply of useful test kits, is sitting and waiting. All while front line health care staff is being contaminated. And the disease spreads. And the pandemic grows.
  • Add in the fact that 27.5 million people don’t have healthcare, can’t afford testing when it does show up.
  • All while them that’s in charge, pontificate their readiness.
  • First death yesterday, inadequate test kits, more infections. Easy to predict where this is going. Note to the blind. THIS IS NOT GOOD.
  • As Virus Spreads Over The Planet Governments Are Slow To React by Jon Cohen. “Speed is critical in the response to COVID-19. So why has the United States been so slow in its attempt to develop reliable diagnostic tests and use them widely?Because Morons, incapable of running their own backyard garage sale, are in charge
  • Trump’s Coronavirus Response Bedeviled by Missteps, Raising Risk. by Bloomberg. “The Trump administration’s response to the global coronavirus outbreak has been riven by missteps, including problems developing and distributing a test for the infection and discordant public messages, raising risk that the president’s assertions the virus is contained may be proved wrong.May be wrong? Watch as the narrative from the White House (Manure House) changes daily with sacrificial heads on display.
  • Millions of uninsured Americans like me are a coronavirus timebomb. by Carl Gibson.Yes, countries with single-payer systems still have coronavirus cases, Italy and Japan. But the spread of the virus in those countries would likely pale in comparison to the potential spread of coronavirus in the US, in which a significant portion of the population simply won’t go to the doctor if they’re sick. Coronavirus is a worldwide public health emergency, and massive profits for health insurers and pharmaceutical manufacturers shouldn’t come before the basic health and safety of human beings.” But it will.

Lets take a quick look at some numbers, assuming it’s bad, but not the worst.

  • Assume 40% transmission rate (or pick any number you want)
  • Assume a fatality rate of 2% (this when indicators are as high as 10%, but we still DO Not Know!)
  • Approx 80% of those infected should have minor effects, the remaining 20% have varying levels of ill health, some requiring extreme hospitalization.
  • Population of 330 million US, 35 million for Canada, 7.7 billion for the world.
  • Pick a population, multiply by the fatality rate you choose – 2% to 10 %
  • Population x transmission x fatality
  • 330 million x 40% transmission x 2% fatality
  • 330,000,000 x .40% x .02% = 2.66 million deaths
  • Is there a healthcare system anywhere that can deal with this? Particularly in the US with its third world levels of healthcare for 27.5 million? It’s for profit system. It’s 45th place in the world for life expectancy,

Yet we still are presented, ” Nothing to see here, look away”.

Still with all eyes fixed on the corona virus we become unable to deal with the impending Giant Turdballs. Examples of incompetence, greed and out right malicious behaviour is exhibited world wide. Can’t blame the US entirely for this, all they did is lead by example:

  • Dicamba litigation against Bayer, BASF poised to explode, lawyers say. by US Right to Know.Thousands of farmers from multiple states are expected to join mass tort litigation pending in federal court over claims that weed-killing products developed by the former Monsanto Co. and other chemical companies are destroying and contaminating crops, including organic production, a group of lawyers and farmers said on Wednesday.Its our soil, which is our food, which is our FUTURE.
  • the ongoing Boeing debacle
  • the impending Financial collapse
  • biosphere collapse
  • poisoned air, soil, water, food, thinking
  • ongoing war efforts to steal other countries resources
  • many others I’ve posted here.

All brought to us by corporate greed, hidden behind political leverage, perpetuated with our own stupidity/blindness/lack of critical thinking.

We are getting what we paid for.

Wrap it up….please

I’ve got nothing

Happy Sunday.

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