Feb 29, 2020; COVID 2019, Code Yellow, Who can you Trust?? Yourself.


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 24, 2020

Our governments are flailing under the strain of resource depletion with uprisings everywhere and a widespread inability of our betters to understand what sort of brain fever has its grip on us. It is us; our prosperity we’ve forged into an armor suit of arrogance and insufferability. Here is only the beginning of the beginning, our dance with fate is at the first turning. We’ve made a stupendous mess of everything in the most frightful and thoughtless manner. Now we are living out our handiwork …

Steve ludlum, economic undertow. com

“We are all– everywhere– ill-prepared for emergency, and as much as many of us deride the Federal Government, that is the first place we will look to for relief, aid, short and long term. Resiliency is an unrealized dream we can barely elucidate, much less cooperate to achieve”

~ jefmt

If you want to gauge the level of seriousness from the Excited States, Consider Minister Pence (read this) is now in charge, with two financial advisor barking dogs Mnuchin and Kudlow (and this) as his sidekicks and one health care professional. No worries! ya’ll are in good hands!

It becomes more evident that our chosen “leaders” have abrogated their responsibility to the health of those that elected them, over those that fund them. Some people might chose to use this an opportunity to:

  • prepare for no support
  • question our existing political system. Its not really a Left vs Right game.
  • question other lies /misrepresentations. Start with the GIANT TURD BALLS that are still out there.

It’s spreading very quickly in South Korea, Japan, Iran (directly linked to US sanctions), and Italy. The US is looking like its going to be next. As is Germany and England.

Numbers are suspiciously low here in oh Canada. You can’t have unfettered flights from Wuhan to our major cities and not get this shitstorm. Are we testing appropriately? (ya’d have to have test kits!). It may be false diagnosed as merely the flu. Who knows. We can’t trust nothin’, but try and understand this as a bunch of lying shitheads continue to deflect as best they can. And when we really get hammered, who will trust anything out of our “leaders” mouth? Remember, I saw this end of Jan, knowledge it was out came first of Jan. All Govt’s knew of this weeks ago and have done basically nothing to prepare. NOTHING.

Make no bones about this. If we tamed the Honey Badger Virus (see Dr. Chris vid below) today the financial hit to the world is enough to drop us to our knees. False bonhomie from the US administration not withstanding, there is a world wide supply chain paralysis coming.

While you are questioning your belief that our “leaders” are looking after our best interests, start digging into the absolute danger we are in from the lack of response to Climate Emergency, (degraded planet made uninhabitable), Peak Oil, (loss of industry worldwide-forever), Financial Maelstrom (making us unable to deal with anything. No Money, No Fix)

And let me finalise with a quote from Dr. Chris from long ago. “The next 20 years will not be like the past 20 years

Prepare, Prepare Prepare

COVID-19 Reality

  • As Virus Spreads Over The Planet Governments Are Slow To React by Moon Over Alabama. “The extreme quarantine, which began in mid January, has come at a great economic cost but bought the rest of the world time to prepare for the inevitable surfacing of the virus in other countries. Unfortunately many governments did not use the month given to them and botched their responses.Its looking like Singapore is the model of prep.
  • Covid-19 Will Mark the End of Affluence Politics. by Matt Stoller . “On Tuesday, President Donald Trump dismissed concerns about Covid-19. As he put it, the virus is “under control” in the US and the “whole situation will start working out.” But according to Politico, Trump is privately voicing worries that the impact of the virus will undermine his chances of reelection. His panicked actions of late—including preventing an American from being treated in Alabama, at the request of a fearful Senator Richard Shelby—confirm that this virus is a political event of the first magnitude. While few in Washington have internalized it, the coronavirus is the biggest story in the world and is soon going to smash into our electoral politics in unpredictable ways.
  • Former CDC director: A coronavirus pandemic is inevitable. What now? by Dr Tom Friedman. “Covid-19 will become a pandemic. We don’t yet know how severe it will be, nor do we know if the virus will spread to all continents, but it’s already spreading widely in China, South Korea, Italy, Iran and elsewhere — and thousands of undetected and infectious patients have been and continue to travel around the world.” Its really pathetic that the planning and prep has been around for years. Oh yeah the Grande Orangutan, killed all that … cause Obama.

Wrap it up….please

I’ve been very invested in getting the info out as best I can. Its a huge time consuming process as my IT department, Research team, and Stay Happy Focus Group is sparse.

Time to focus on my longer term prep, spring will eventually be here. (not more than 10-12 weeks away). Gardens expanded, processing in place, new animals, etc.

In the next short while I’ll have up a new site about things going on in my preparing side. (and no, it does not include 5,000 rounds of ammo for the 16 guns I should own). Its more about building a self sustaining homestead, whilst trying to anticipate some of the more obvious GTB’s coming. (Honey Badger Virus was not on my radar.)

We are coming to the time when we have to question gathering in groups, who comes into your inner sanctum, contingency planning, sharing your supplies (with them that didn’t get the message), all sorts of truly horrible self preservation principles. This will be extremely difficult. Buying bags of rice is easy. If/when panic does prevail, I don’t want to be in the middle of it.

Stay Healthy, Strong and Resilient.

Or become a ward of the state. That shouldn’t be so bad…. I’m sure it’s a well planned support system.

2 thoughts on “Feb 29, 2020; COVID 2019, Code Yellow, Who can you Trust?? Yourself.”

  1. Our leaders are telling us to don’t buy masks and just go on with our Normal lives…. while they, issue travel bans and consider closing borders??? hmmm… I feel like a scene in the Wizard of oz… “ignore the man behind the curtain” … ALL IS WELL. IT’S NOT THE FLU!


  2. Hey, thanks for sharing what you have been thinking and learning about the mess we’re already in, and what’s coming our way… I can’t begin to imagine how much time and energy goes into your IT, research team, etc. Have invested in a supply of masks, bought some rice (metaphorically speaking, and literally), and have an action plan for Connor and Maia to get out of Dodge when cases begin to appear in TO. If I had money to stash, I’d be doing that too! Meanwhile, my misguided pride in being Canadian is so bruised it is unrecognizable… fatally wounded. The solidarity actions across the country with Wet’suwet’en, my municipality’s money grab for the DGR high level nuclear waste, and ….. and….and…. my heart hurts all the time. Looking forward to hearing more about your process with the land you live on, another afternoon of beer and storytelling, and springs new growth. Thanks for giving a damn!!! Jo

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