Feb 21, 2020; COVID 2019, Code Yellow, Its looking as Bad as First Thought.

The Chinese Gov’t is in an unwinnable war,
attempting to keep COVID 2019 at bay whilst keeping the economy alive.

“The massive political and institutional resistance to taking action, in my view, is not largely ideological, it’s not largely even political.

It’s a question of being intimidated by the price tag.”

~ José Javier Rodríguez, Democrat who represents Miami in Florida’s Republican-held senate, speaking about an entirely different issue.
Its the same response to everything that is coming

Its looking more and more like this “just a flu thing”, is far worse. Daily the virus plants itself firmly in other countries. For an allegedly smart group of people, the officials who are supposed to care for “us” (loosley defined as we the people) are being shown to be rather inept.

Some of the reality;

  • Over 700 million Chinese in quarantine. Hard to run a factory when no one is at work.
  • Korea is the first country showing a serious outbreak with cases doubling overnight to 214
  • Japan is quickly looking like they’ve lost the struggle. Gotta save the Olympics!!!
  • Infection status can go beyond 24 days. But here in North America, we still talk 14 days.
  • It is aerosolized. Passed in tiny particles and carried in the air.
  • Asymptomatic transfer (showing no symptoms) is evident. Completely ignored by our North American health officials.
  • R0 is above 2, could be above 10.
  • Any situation that puts people in close contact with others is a great way to spread the COVID2019: hospitals, plague ships, factories, army dormitories, airplanes, now prisons.
  • Testing being deployed is expensive, not available in quantities required, leads to false negatives, often multiple times.
  • Its hits hardest on the old, men, and smokers.
  • When someone falls to the disease it can often require intense medical care, over longer time periods. This fill hospitals quickly to overflowing.
  • The world has know about this since ??? mid Jan, 2020. There is still no real official recognition that it is anything serious, particularly in North America, and Europe.
  • Supply chains are unraveling. This will be the new term of the generation as our teetering economies tip.

COVID-19 Reality

Dr Chris says.

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Wrap it up….please

Those who have been preparing should not be surprised. Continue with your Preparedness planning:

  • I think that one months food and supplies should be expanded. Grab a bag or two of rice, flour, seasonings, etc.
  • Hold off any major purchase that require credit.
  • Keep on hand some cash. Start with $500 – $1,000 in small denominations.
  • Gather your required medications.
  • Continue with your self isolation plan.

We will begin to see the financial side of this crisis gather steam. If the COVID 2019 were to be gone today, the financial repercussions will be with us for months, if not years.

Gov’ts worldwide will be doing everything in their power to keep their own financial systems’ plates in the air. As this unravels we may just find that our “infallible systems” are simply not. This has the potential to change our way of life in ways we have yet to consider.

“Its not a problem if you can solve it with money”! What if there is a lot less money?

The COVID 2019 pandemic will be a window into how we will address the larger Giant Turdballs of biosophere collapse, climate emergency and peak oil.

So far failing grades to most involved. In the good times, when we should be better.

Stay strong, and resilient.

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