Feb 4, 2020; 2019 nCoV – Pandemic Update #2- Code Yellow

bottom line has a noticeable up swing now.

“..In general we’re ‘hardwired’ to seek things that bring us immediate reward or reinforcement even if those things might have long-term harmful consequences to our health or the health of the planet.”

This carefree, avoidant disposition is compounded by something called “diffusion of responsibility.” This is the sociopsychological phenomenon in which, faced with a public crisis, people figure somebody else will take care of things. ~ Dr. Ken Allen

China seems to be slowly releasing the story as they want it to unwind. As more “news” is released from China a very uncertain future is unravelling;

  • 2/3 of China economic activity is closed down,
  • 20,600 infected,
  • over 200,000 people are under observation,
  • 426 dead,
  • 25% of those infected require intensive hospitalization,
  • test kits are in limited supply,
  • reports of overwhelmed medical staff,
  • the corona virus can survive for five days maximum on smooth surfaces under suitable circumstances,
  • people dying at home,
  • and more (mutations now showing up).

This is not going to dissipate quickly, indications being April/May till the China epidemic recedes. Look for a massive upswing in cases worldwide over next 10 days or so, due to the incubation rate and number of people who went willy nilly around the world prior to us knowing about it. They still are (visualize them as the Johnny Appleseed of virus contaminators). And lets not ignore the looming lane way of even more disaster…. Mutations of 2019 nCoV ongoing, to exacerbate the problem. Hard to vaccinate against a constantly changing virus.

And yet our “Markets” continue onwards and upwards. What?!

The tea leaves are looking bleak folks. You still have time to put aside some food and other supplies. And you Canadian snowbirds contemplating the south, Seriously? In fact anyone contemplating a plane trip. WTF!? This is a good example of our inability to contemplate bad things without the shadow of the GTB looming over our own house.

Since the hair on my head went up in flames last week, I am relegated to strapping on the snowshoes and beginning my long trek to town yelling, “The Giant Turdballs (GTB) are coming, the Giant Turdballs are coming!” Riiight, I did that last week as well….crickets.

A global Pandemic of yet to determine deadliness (but suspiciously nasty hint’s of whats coming, and a teetering Financial system about to be severely tested) is looming. I’m concerned. Anybody else?

Final words of no comfort Dear Three (readers). There are other GTBs coming, they are not going away. They continue to slowly intrude on our lives. We can now watch in disbelief as our current leaders, whose inability to deal with far off cataclysmic events rolling our way, are shown to be the Gibbering Idjuts they are. (still accepting flights here in oh Canada)

Govern yourselves accordingly.


  1. Trump Has Sabotaged America’s Corona virus Response . by Laurie Garrett. This is an indicator of the preparedness of the West to respond to a pandemic. “No Worries Mate, we’re going to save wasted tax dollars for ya”.
  2. CDC Coronavirus Boss Calls Spread ‘Unprecedented’ as Cases Surge in U.S. and Abroad. by Dailybeast.com
  3. Coronavirus tally in epicentre Wuhan may be ‘just the tip of the iceberg’. by SCMP. “The official number of coron avirus cases in Wuhan might not reflect the true scale of the crisis as there may be many patients who are undiagnosed and not reported, medical experts said.” The fact that this is being said, out loud and publicised ( on an Alibaba owned newspaper) speaks for itself.
  4. Chinese authorities are falsifying the death toll from Coronavirus.
  5. ‘Striking’ coronavirus mutations found within one family cluster, Chinese scientists say. by SCMP. In a news story of ongoing bad news, this just jumped into Holy Fuck Shit category.
  6. Discovery Of Coronavirus On Doorknob Of Infected Patient Sparks Transmission Concerns. by Global Times. Transmission possible on door knobs, keyboards and thru air conditioning systems thought possible. More in the Holy Shit Fuck (HSFc) category.
  7. China Arrested Doctors Who Warned About Coronavirus Outbreak. by Brendon Hong. I read about this early Jan. Its what had me looking at a potential outbreak.
  8. The ‘forever chemicals’ fueling a public health crisis in drinking water. by The Guardian. Had to throw this in as a reminder…. keep an eye on the other GTBs!

Financial (roller coaster)

“Corona virus has shut down a lot of production in big things like cars and big-little things like cell phones, and supply lines are shutting down to world markets. This amounts to the first big test of the integrated global economy, as well as the world’s debt-saturated business model.

When a lot of parties and counter parties can’t pay each other because their revenue flows are cut off, the securities, currencies, equities, and other abstract representations of wealth go south. The US and Europe are no better positioned for a crisis in their banking arrangements, and confidence is starting to crack. Both economic mega-regions have relied on central banking hocus-pocus to prop up stock markets and maintain the illusion that the logic of bonds still applies.” ~ Jim Kunstler

  1.  Chrisis-O-Rama. by Jim Kunstler.

Society (ills)

  1.  Why Tourism Should Die—and Why It Won’t. “Sustainable” travel is an oxymoron. by Chuck Thompson
  2. 10 Things You Should Know About Socialism. What do we mean when we talk about “socialism”? Here are ten things about its theory, practice, and potential that you need to know. by Richard D. Wolff

Climate Crisis (ecocide)

  1. “Unprecedented” Locust Invasion Approaches Full-Blown Crisis. The spreading swarms, triggered by cyclone rains, threaten crops in East Africa and beyond into India. And now we’re getting biblical.

Wrap it up….please

As always, should you find anything that refutes the general idea of a horrific collapse of the civilization we know, that this is all a bad dream, and/or it’s me who is nuts (rather than the entire planets’ population less myself and 3 part-time readers), I’m open to a funner outlook.

Bring it.


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