Jan 31, 2020 – nCoV Pandemic Update #2- Code Yellow

Best case data now puts R0 at 4.08. This number indicates the contagiousness of the virus is very high. Coupled with the long contagion time and the high fatality rate the coronavirus appears to be far worse than we are being told. The Chinese lied and continue to (big surprise), the W.H.O punted and our own Govt’s are looking very Tweedle de and Tweedle dummish. Bark at them later.

In the meantime get you and yours ready.

I have far more faith in Dr Chris than the official story.

Whats the worst that could happen?? You purchase a few items that you don’t need now and can use over time vs you are shit out of luck when the event comes close.

This my friends is a new Giant Turdball. Not on your streets yet. Coming fast.

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