Jan 29, 2020

To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work”. ~Mary Oliver

Me, when I encounter yet another, “I heard about that”.
(3x in past 24 hrs). I’m considering this as my new avatar online. Since no one seems to want either pill.

All forward thinking pessimists like to talk about the Black Swan event“A black swan is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences. Black swan events are characterized by their extreme rarity, their severe impact….”. This event has been attributed to many things that will ultimately bring the worlds financial markets to its knees. (Financial Chaos)

This 2019-nCoV pandemic (the coronavirus has a name) is such an event. Currently it can go many routes:

  1. The virus peters out shortly and its a brief hiccup in the world. This is the Best outcome.
  2. Flu like symptoms go around the world, as flu bugs do, causing death amongst the very young and old and weak, making many people sick. This large number of sick people will overflow hospitals and drain the work force, in turn will slow down the world economy (already extremely weak) and cause possible long term financial pain. That’s the Good.
  3. The virus mutates into something deadly and really starts killing people and various pockets of the world basically shutdown as they try and cope with their ill. This is the Worst.

By the infection statistics number 2 and 3 look more likely (look at the map). Right now you have the opportunity to prepare for the Good and/or the Worst by taking some preemptive measures outlined in yesterdays post- food and medicine stock up, face masks, understanding of the hygiene side (wash your hands a lot).

Once those measures are enacted, we need to pay very keen attention to the outbreaks as they occur nearby (see this map). Depending on the localized level we can understand if we bought a bunch of face masks for nothing or are actually prepared for Code Red.

I prefer to be prepared.

That being said, nothing about the 2019-nCoV Pandemic negates the Giant TurdBalls coming our way (the reason this blog exists). Or our inability to comprehend the danger humanity is in……..”I heard about that somewhere”.


  1.  Confusion and Lost Time. how testing woes slowed China’s coronavirus response. Or another example why its best not to rely entirely on your local Govt to be on the ball. It’s your responsibility to look after you and yours, by being prepared, informed and predictive. Be RESILIENT! And I should gently add not only for the 2019-nCoV Pandemic. Consider how you will be dodging the Giant TurdBalls (GTB).
  2. DNA sleuths read the coronavirus genome, A wee bit technical, but good background info to know.
  3. Novartis says over a year for a Vaccine. Lab testing, animal testing, people testing. It all takes time. Better to be prepared methinks.

Society (ills)

  1.  Libertarians Can’t Save the Planet. “Libertarians, Republicans who want to smoke pot.” That line always makes me laff. Had to put it in there. What’s a Libertarian or a NDPer? or a Liberal? Conservative? Republican? or Democrat? Do they represent anything that we understand? When they all shill for corporate dollars they don”t represent you or I. Period.

Financial (roller coaster)

  1.  How Will The Coronavirus Impact The Markets? First Guard your Health, Then your Wealth. If this turns out to be a worldwide Pandemic, there is much more to this than sick people.
  2. Contagion. by Jim Rickards.

Peak Oil/Energy

The world powers are jockeying for future control of oil. Always will. Cause even tho it’s gonna kill us, we can’t stop using it.

  1.  Turkey May Have Stolen Data for Gas Drilling off Cypres. Just another indicator of the future value of oil.
  2. How the US runs Iraq. The US has kept this obvious tactic as hidden as they could for the past few decades. Now doesn’t seem to care that its so obvious. Freedom? Democracy? Spread the Love? Bullshit!

Wrap it up….please

Stay Resilient. Informed. Prepared.

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