Jan 28, 2020-Corona Virus Pandemic-Update Code Yellow

I am reminded of an image I have been carrying in my head for a couple years now-Humanity, represented by a sole person, perched on one leg, balanced on a wobbly rock. This person is spinning multiple plates (Mega Trends aka Turdballs). A plate wobbles, somehow its kept up. (FYI: A falling plate represents really bad times)! As the rock upon which this person stands wobbles, it`s now harder to keep all the plates spinning. Think about the Iran assassination, impeachment proceedings and now this corona virus as the wobble.

Another month goes by and we’re not dealing with the biggies (eg Climate Chaos) which could end civilizations existence. Our ability to deal with Giant Turdballs such as Climate Chaos will be seriously diminished by a worldwide pandemic.

And here we are, a yet to be acknowledged pandemic. Stories of Chinese health providers state controlled response failure, inadequate responses from neighbour states and now internationally, still accepting flights from Wuhan into international airports (seriously?!?!?) cause ya know- THE ECONOMY. But from my vantage point, time for us as individuals to take action, and not rely on similar leadership.

And now we the Sheeple wait with breathes held in, for a leadership response. Yet again I yell, “Fuck You”, to our leaders everywhere. We can’t wait for a governmental response to this. It is on our heads/hands to develop a response that deals with the issues we are facing. Gather the info, make a plan, work it.

So far it appears to be a relatively benign flu like virus. I say relative as in the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. Its still dangerous to the young, the old, and those with weakened immune systems. As this is a virus that appears to be mutating this could change. Stay aware. However lets just deal with today.

Dr. Chris Martenson, in the first post I put up, suggested a Colour Coded warning system:

  1. Code White- No worries Mate!
  2. Code Yellow- Start self protection; When in public be aware of the surfaces you touch-door knobs, handles, and wash hands after each occurrence. Don’t touch hands to face, eyes, mouth. Avoid coughing people. We are in code YELLOW!
  3. Code Red – It’s gotten bad enough (high number of local cases) to always wear mouth and eye protection (a N95 face mask) in public.
  4. Code Black – Don’t mingle with other folks. Prepare to treat your sick people at home.

Here is a followup from yesterdays post from Dr. Chris Martenson. Watch this. Alert your family and friends.

Short term steps:

  1. Be aware of whats happening locally. How serious is the infection? See John Hopkins map below. Its slow loading. Follow whatever news you want, but understand you have to help yourself. Consider this a theme that will re-occur.
  2. How to Prepare for a Pandemic Flu. A PDF document you should have. Go to bottom of page under Flu prevention and Resources at Home| Educational Materials|Get Your household ready for Pandemic Flu. Print it. Read it. Follow it.
  3. Get elderberry syrup, N95 masks, ibuprofen, your own basic medicines, water filter, food supply. Click for a list of NIOSH-Approved N95 Particulate Filtering Facepiece Respirators
3M N95 mask. Lots of different model numbers.
Go to above NIOSH Approved list to verify.

Climate Crisis (ecocide)

  1. Climate Models Got It Right on Global Warming. by Scientific American. The big issue has not gone away.

Financial (roller coaster)

  1. Is the Market Grossly Underestimating the Potential Impact of the Coronavirus Epidemic? by Charles Hugh Smith . There are definite health issues here, but the longer term issues are in our financial world. If China is in the middle of a pandemic, their industry will be effected. That will effect the world.


  1. In a Global Crisis, Maybe Don’t Turn to Twitter. This in response to yesterdays link on this exact subject. Do your own research. Make up your own mind. Read more than one line from one source. Just sayin`.
  2. Here’s a tool to help keep track of your own neighbourhood, put out by John Hopkins University. Good Idea to bookmark this till something better comes along. Its very slow loading.

Wrap it up….please

Your local government and public health officials will do their best to attempt to reduce panic as they make a plan. To do this you won’t be told all that you need to know.

  • Stay vigilant. The chances that you, a healthy individual, will die from this version of the virus is fairly remote.
  • Do the research.
  • Take control of your world by preparing.

Stay resilient People! This is just a test.

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