Jan 27, 2020-Corona Virus Pandemic-Update Code Yellow

I’ve been watching this for a few days. It’s time to pay attention. Start by understanding what it is. Understand how to protect yourself. Develop a higher awareness. Right now we are in Code Yellow – be alert. The included podcast/interview by Dr Chris Martenson is a good overview from an expert.

You will need to understand the implecations of the the R0 number( R-naught #, which is the corona virus’s contagious ability). Right now its very high.

The Chinese Government are admitting they screwed up, people have been allowed to travel from a city of 11 million people all around the world unimpeded for a month, it takes 5 days to exhibit symptoms during which you are highly contagious. The Chinese Government is fast tracking a 10,000 bed hospital in 6 days. That should be enough to make you sit up and gape. If you start thinking this could be the Spanish Flu or worse you are now motivated to be prepared. Or not.

The good news is its not a virulent fast killing virus. Its a flu that affects the young, old and those with weakened immune systems. Most healthy people who get this will be fine. Practice proper hand washing hygiene, pay attention to what is happening locally. A good idea to stock up on some food, medicines if you need them, basics. Just in case. I do not believe this is a sit and wait situation. Act with prudence, stay resilient.

Health (ills)

  • Dr. Chris Martenson talks about the basics: R0 number, infection rate, avoidance, severity. A good primer

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