Day: Jun 4, 2019

June 4, 2109 – Act like an Adult

For years, many people of my age denied there was a problem. They denied that climate breakdown was happening. They denied that extinction was happening. They denied that the world’s living systems were collapsing.

They denied all this because accepting it meant questioning everything they believed to be good. If the science was right, their car could not be right. If the science was right, their foreign holiday could not be right. Economic growth, rising consumption, the entire system they had been brought up to believe was right had to be wrong. It was easier to pretend that the science was wrong and their lives were right than to accept that the science was right and their lives were wrong.”

~ George Monbiot

I’ve been struggling of late with the why of this blog. Mostly why am I doing it?  I just needed to ruminate a bit. (turned out to be longer than I thought). I still kept reading, reviewing,  just didn’t post.

You could say I’m back… with a vengeance.

I’m doing this blog and other things so as to prepare folks for whats coming. And its the shit. Really.

First we need to understand the dire state. Then we can deal with what we can do about it.

But no one really believes it is really that bad. Oh yeah, there are a few people suffering some angst over the shape our planets in, the systematic decay in our normal social way of things. But not enough to change, to make radical differences, that prep our kids. Mostly I see life going on as usual, bitching about having less, but continuing to grab as much of the good life as they can get: new bigger gas sucking vehicles, plane trips all around, destination weddings, more shiny stuff and a fascination/obsession with their retirement funds. Lets have a reality check people. And if you are one of them, middle aged or older, fuck you. This blog will mean nothing to you. Carry on till you can’t.

What will you say to your grandchildren? …. by Jeremy Lent

So Gramps?, “How long did you know about this mess you and your generation(s) created?!

…and what did you do about it?!

Why not?!”

“…You mean it basically came down to, you wanted YOUR FUCKING STUFF?!?!?”

Insert kick in the cojones here. Or worse.


Grow up, act like an adult!

  1. No more excuses.  by George Monbiot
  2. Living with integrity. (excellent podcast by Chris Martenson)
  3. How to grow the fuck up. by Mark Manson

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