Aug 4, 2020- Too Much Information

Not so much a war on Tech. More a power battle. And we’re in the middle.

More of the Real

“When humans face too much information they resort to pattern recognition”

Marshall McLuhan, 1968

Is that it? Too much information? I’ve often felt the idea of Giant Turd Balls is far too complicated for the average humanoid; incapable of reading a book, incapable of learning new ideas that can’t be absorbed from anything longer than a 30 second video, wanting to believe the pablum presented by their media of choice, their gov’t speaking heads, financial adviser, whoever makes the most soothing noises. Incapable of independent thought.

It’s easier to tie your wagon to some entity that promises to look after you, than actually figure out what to do. As I do my basic chores around the homestead I have lots of time to mull over the ongoing events, piled on my truth (or not) factoids that I’ve gleaned over the past couple decades.

Dya know what hit me the other day? Too much info is a simple way to cull out the not aware. If you don’t understand whats coming, you won’t try to prepare and will eventually get run over (dead as that raccoon) in the panic stampede that follows. Survival of the fittest has become survival of the most aware. And a whole lotta luck.

Any thinking person has had time to reconsider infinite growth on a finite planet. You’d hope that our “leaders” were on to this?, wouldn’t you?

Think; the bison, the cod fishery, passenger pidgeons, old growth forests, clean air, fresh water, biosphere failing, worldwide mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, fish being exterminated at a horrific pace. None were forever, none came back the way they were. A little observation and foresight could have saved them. And once gone, we move on, no biggy.

In my lifetime air, water and soil have become so toxic that they are a detriment to human health. And we kinda need them all. Lest we forget, we are all part of, have evolved from and greatly need this lil-ole-planet we spin around on. Time to look at some biology lessons; info into understanding exploding populations, and their subsequent crashes. Perhaps look at some numbers outlining resources we have now, how much we consume daily/weekly/annually. It’s grade 5 math.

Do the numbers and you’ll realize we are running out of a lot of important things: oil, clean drinking water, arable soil, phosphate, copper, fish in the ocean, insects….the list is endless. Its happening NOW.

Conservation – nah,

Other options – nah,

Population limits – nah.

And still there is no concern, no panic running for the aisles, no protests in the streets, no storming of the Houses of Psychopaths.

I see the looming Oil Shortage as big or bigger than the rest of the GTBs. Discount C-19. Its a blip merely putting on display humanities hubris in thinking that ,”We got it”.

The ineptness has to be obvious to more than the cherished 4 doesn’t it? Tear yourself from your budding career on Tik Tok and realize that at a fundamental level, we don’t have the technology to continue powering our world, grow our crops, clean our air & water and generally carry on in the cesspool we have created, on the only planet we have. And running out of oil (its not that we will run out, simply we won’t be able to afford it) will make it impossible to perform any miraculous recovery from the cascading other Giant Turd Balls.

Instead, with Sheeple like consideration, “Technology will save us”.

I will paraphrase Jim Kunstler from his book The Long Emergency, “Pushing pixels around a screen will not solve our energy problem.” You could also substitute an endless list of resources for energy. We can’t make healthy topsoil fast enough, regrow the fisheries, find more minerals, oil, or forests fast enough.

So here we have multiple Giant Turd Balls looming over us. And to me the biggest; Peak Oil. I’d suggest you pay attention.

Just a thought, to be ignored like, Climate Emergency and Biosphere Collapse. Three Giant Turd Balls, each capable of seriously disrupting our lovely little unCivilization. All relegated to the back burner cause we want Normal (myStuff). All dangling just out of sight, with periodic glimpses of disruption. But if you look away quickly enough, immerse yourself in trivial mind wasting distraction (oh Blessed Smartphone…..speak to me), easily ignored. Until one day we are so deep into disaster, unCivilization can’t get out. We’re neck deep at the moment.

WE ARE IN IT, it’s happening NOW, but we are so isolated, so incapable of independent thought that we look for our “leaders managers guidance”. THEY, insulated in their power vaccum only have one thought, “Stay on top of the pile no matter what, and loot the system for as much as I can get”.

We stand bouncing on the diving board over looking Seneca’s cliff, (“The path of increase is slow, But the road to ruin is swift“) waiting for our lives to come back. When in reality at any moment an abrupt push will send us plummeting off.

Not sure what it will be, but there is enough pissed off people, who finally caught a glimpse of the wizards behind the curtains, aligning with people who were so marginalized, to start the push themselves. Not to mention; US – China hot cold war, Dollar collapse, economies failing, another Pandemic, etc. That’s only the short term.

And as Normal fades to black, a cacauphony of whimpering as the Sheeple whimper, “Mommy please give us our stuff (myLife) back”.

For a glimpse at why the future without oil is looking particularly grim, take a look here.  Why a Great Reset Based on Green Energy Isn’t Possible. by Gail Tverberg. She’s been hammering on this for a long time. She and Art Berman, Chris Martenson, Jim Kunstler, Alice Friedemann, etc. Most have written books about our oil addiction dilema… ignored by one and all. Kinda like how every country in the world ignored the need for Pandemic prepardness.


Wear a mask. That is, unless you want to be intubated by a gynecology intern July 1st who did her last semester of med school via Zoom.

— Dr. Emily Porter, M.D. (@dremilyportermd) June 26, 2020

More unsettling news coming out of the C-19 front. An observant person once said, “Worlds leadership could not run a three item garage sale”. We know less now than we did before, we are incapable of coming up with solutions because we are blinded by our need to make money and grow, rather than settle in and protect ourselves. I would say that generally wearing a mask, social distancing and avoiding public indoor spaces with groups of people would be prudent.

Cause you don’t want to get this thing!; long term damage to the brain, organs and fatigue.

And that vaccine you’re waiting for, furgetaboutit!

We may have a vaccine soon, say the authors of that paper, but “communities are not ready to accept it.” It won’t help to overcome this skepticism if notable evidence of harms keeps getting pushed off to the side. It’s much better to be straight up about what it’s really like to take one of these vaccines. Why would anyone trust the experts otherwise?

Authors of the Study, Study on nurses′ vaccine hesitancy in Hong Kong

Covid-19 Vaccines With ‘Minor Side Effects’ Could Still Be Pretty Bad. by Hilda Bastian. Who knew?

And that is the crux of the vaccine debate. The negligence in posting the real harmful effects… for all vaccines.  Vaccines have a huge profit potential. They have dangerous side effects. What could possibly go wrong? As in all of the Giant Turd Balls, consider the money trail. If someone or some organization stands to make billion$, do I trust them?

You first.

Saber Rattling

Lots going on on this front. Israel who has recently been put in check by the Iran – China partnership is now staring at a stalemate situation. Power in the Middle East is shifting dramatically.

Society (That which is going Awry, occasionally something that isn’t)

Our loverly society, (unCivilization) is filled with psychopaths in control. Our current world system, (that which is American culture), rewards those with the most criminal antisocial behaviour huge $$$. Those reward$ equal power. That power corrupts completely; politics, media, military and so on. And we the Sheeple follow along complacently because we have been rewarded by comfortable things. The psychopaths are unravelling as we watch, cause they can’t keep us comfortable (safe). All while the next generations (that would be your kids and grandkids) are robbed of any sort of future.

There are billionaires who control and distort the narrative for their own personal gain…more billions. Just a guess on my part………. that your needs are never considered.

I’m just going to keep saying this: the fact that powerful intelligence agencies have been using minors as sex slaves to manipulate our society via blackmail is vastly more significant than the details of who they blackmailed and who facilitated that blackmailing.

Caitlin Johnstone

Had to put in her next quote cause she nailed it the first time.

I will say it again, in caps: POWERFUL INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES HAVE BEEN USING KIDS AS SEX SLAVES TO MANIPULATE OUR SOCIETY VIA BLACKMAIL. How is this not the main story? How are people more interested in Epstein, Maxwell, Clinton, Dershowitz, Prince Andrew etc than in this earth-shattering revelation?

Caitlin Johnstone

This whole Epstein Maxwell shit show is a poster for the entire system of corruption and evil that exists at the top of the world powers( USA-CIA, Britain-MI6, Israel-Mosad). Its beyond nauseating. Its been swept under the rug for almost 2 decades. Doesn’t get any main stream coverage. Seems to disappear shortly after it rears it’s ugly little head.

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case by Whitney Webb.

Former Spy Details Israel’s Main Motive Behind Epstein’s Sexual Blackmail Operation. by Whitney Webb.

Or you could go to a podcast I posted a while back on Dec 16.

Whitney Webb goes Deep part 1

there’s a part 2 if you get through it this far.

Big read/Listen

Weak State: How the Coronavirus Pandemic Exposed Americas Dysfunctional Democracry. Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill. Well articulated podcast on America, the failing state.

Wrap it up….please.

You are the Master/Mistress of your own destiny. Help is not coming from the government, won’t come from friends and family. Its you and you alone.

Better get on with it.

It’s not the melting of the ice-caps or the burning of the forests that seem to me to be the real apocalyptic scenario, but rather the slow atrophying of our moral imaginations; not the inferno itself, but the indifference of those of us who are not yet on fire. In this sense above all we are in danger, and we need to act immediately to survive.

Mark O’Connell

As always, should you find anything that refutes the general idea of a horrific collapse of the civilization we know, that this is all a bad dream, and/or it’s me who is nuts (rather than the entire planets’ population less myself and 4 part-time readers), I’m open to a funner outlook.

Bring it.


July 20, 2020 – Is that Thunder, Drums, GTB’s rolling in or All Three?

Keystone Cops in charge.

I’m betting Giant Turd Balls. Other than the occasional polyanna wishful thinking nugget, not much good news on the horizon . (remember….keep an eye on it). And yet the Sheeple seem to still expect Normality.

I go out; people not wearing masks…tho that’s looking like it will change as laws making masks in public come into effect. People lining up for opportunities to infect themselves. Demanding their right to do things they “need” to do.

Effects of even short term minor cases of C-19 are showing long term deliterious effects to organs, brain function and energy levels. The long term health care costs are incaculable on this. Wait till the fall and we go into reality season; as the US petri dish develops more virilant mutations.

Business continue to fail, jobs lost permanetly, more money printed to offer “support”. 14 billion $$ and counting to the oil industry in oh Canada so far.

Oil industry in shatters. Wait for the pain of that to hit; expensive to drive, food production, transport of goods, supply chains shattered, plastic shit done away with. Everything that was `normal`…gone. Once this trip wire goes, we will be thinking wishfully of today.

Continuing saga of breakdown in international trade and US bullying to work “their” playing field. China / US failing. US bullying sort of succeeding; think Huawei in 5G networks in Britain.

And yet climate is roiling, peaks being hit around the world, most notably both poles. Around me its been a crazy summer of high heat, constant extreme thunderstorm warnings, and high levels of precipitation.

Military flexing of muscle on many fronts: Middle east, Indian/China, US/China south China seas bullshit, US still provoking Iran, US glancing at Venezuela, unrest continues in Hong Kong, Europe Union building more pissed off have not countries.

The world watches with bated breath the agonizing wriggling of the US. Make no mistake about it, the American empire we have known will not be the same after this year. The US election stands no chance of correcting any of the dis-function within the openly corrupt political system. Whether its La Grande Orangutan or he who is Ghost-Hiding-In-Basement. No change for good. Big dollars being thrown around to big pharma, tech and the military system continue to drain any opportunity to effectively battle not only C-19 but a myriad of social issues exacerbated by wealth inequality.

2020 will go down as an pivotol moment in world history. We are in the midst of a Big Change to Less. It is happening as we sit here waiting for remembrances of past fuzzy thinking to re-appear.

My advise, turn away and concentrate on what you can influence; get out of debt, get out of the markets, develop skills and systems to prepare for a world of a lot less (stuff, schooling, travel, restaurants, services, gov’t, food, gas, healthcare, etc) . Develop your local support networks. Grow food. Invest in yourself. Pay attention. Work on your there/there nows.

A Jolt of Real

I think Mr Kunstler has done a fine job of drilling down to reality.

  1.  A Bigger Picture. by James Kunstler


  1. My patient caught Covid-19 twice. So long to herd immunity hopes? by D. Clay Ackerly
  2. Coronavirus warning from Italy: Effects of COVID-19 could be worse than first thought. by Stuart Ramsay
  3. Unless We Take Urgent Action, Covid-19 Won’t Be the Last Virus That Jumps From Animals to Humans. by John Buell.
  4. CDC acknowledges mixing up coronavirus testing data. by Marty Johnson. At some point soon I expect a massive die-off due to just extreme embarrassment.

Imperialism (Saber Rattling)

Its all part of maintaining the empire. Have to do something with the untold Trillion$.

  1. US Rejects Chinese Claim To South China Sea In Major Reversal Of Obama-Era Appeasement. by Zerohedge

Society (That which is going Awry, occasionally something that isn’t)

  1. Fertility Rate. by James Gallgher. I have trouble seeing this as a bad thing.
  2. James Lovelock: ‘The biosphere and I are both in the last 1% of our lives’. by Jonathan Watts.

Wrap it up….please.


As always, should you find anything that refutes the general idea of a horrific collapse of the civilization we know, that this is all a bad dream, and/or it’s me who is nuts (rather than the entire planets’ population less myself and 4 part-time readers), I’m open to a funner outlook.

Bring it.